Monday, September 22, 2008

Alec Baldwin Crucifies the Family & Divorce Court System!

"Corrupt, Inefficient, Lazy, and Stupid" is how Alec Baldwin describes the lawyers, judges, and others who are part of the Divorce and Custody Industry. Yes, it's an industry which generates billions of dollars of revenue and income for the states and all of the players within the system.He's got it nailed, that's for certain.

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Unknown said...

Dear Alec,
I agree with your position concerning the divorce systems. The monetary issues are are a double edged sword. 26 years ago, after serving 4 years in the USMC, I married a Marine and gave up my career to support his and to raise a family. After consulting with an attorney[free], I learned that a divorce would put me in debt for the rest of my life. I wish you would address this side of the issue, because at age 52 I would love to be loved and free.


Elisa J.

dad4justice said...

Oh well Elisa now you have blog career. LOL

Unknown said...

Thank you Alec for responding to my comment so quickly. Now I feel like someone cares. I created a blog at elisadopmchsicom. If you would care to create a link, I would be honored, and I will continue to support you in any way I can. Again, thank you


Elisa J>

Unknown said...

Dear Alec,
After 10 years of divorce,(shared Parrenting),of 2 children a boy and a girl,I was ordered to give her full coustody, pay 40% of my wages, and insurance coverage if and when available.
To make the situation worse, when she and her laywer found out i didnt make the "Big Bucks", she took a 30,000, cut in pay to screw me on the "formula". So the judge commended her for her action to take a reduction in income to "care for her Children".
As of this morning, I was served with papers for my 14yo son's violation of his paroll, to be sent to a juvinel home. Under his mother's "care", he has underage drinking, smoking, curfue violation,operating a motor vehicle,no insurance,wreckless operation, theft, breaking and entering, all whle his "caring" mother was unaccountable for.
Now this Judge is up for re-election, I am making my story told to anyone that will listen.
Not only am I broke, I cant see my children, or have a say in their care.

ANY reply would greatly be appreciated

Randy Filkins