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Deadbeat Governments Asleep At The Wheel !

Dads On the Air
Peter van de Voorde
October 2008

In matters that demand urgent action, 'deadbeat' governments of the western democracies have become the masters of inaction. For many years these inept governments have allowed the cowboys, bullies and psychopaths of the International finance industry to run amok and dictate how the system operate. The predictable result has seen the collapse of the global financial system and the destruction of the financial security of millions of hard working people around the world. Suddenly we witness a panic-stricken reaction by these same 'deadbeat' governments whose ignorance and inaction caused this disaster in the first place.

There are other areas of concern that have also continued to be ignored and will undoubtedly cause much social upheaval in the future. The subject of social justice is something governments pay much lip service to, but ultimately results in very little action on the ground. One of the greatest areas of concern is the way western governments have mishandled the complex issues surrounding Family Law. Again we witness how the cowboys, bullies and psychopaths of the lucrative divorce industry, have been allowed to take control and run riot for decades. Yet again we see the lives and future of many millions of innocent men, women and children around the globe, destroyed in the process.

Following thirty five years of unimpeded, relentless growth of the International Family Law industry and its mercenaries, we are now starting to see the horrific ramifications of long term widespread International government ignorance and inaction. Many millions of decent, responsible parents and other loving family members are forcibly being removed from their biological children against their will around the globe, at levels that meet the criteria of a pandemic.

One of the problems here is that of the sophisticated brainwashing that has been inflicted on the unsuspecting media, public, bureaucrats and politicians alike. Apart from some tokenism, Governments generally have chosen not to receive policy advice on Family Law matters from credible independent sources. Rather, they seek guidance from their own self-interested bias bureaucracies and senior advisers, or from the family law industry itself. No matter how accurate it may be, cautious and politically in-correct family law advice is not welcomed by governments in the western democracies, nor is it widely reported.

There are other reasons too, why the public hears so little in detail from those who approach family law issues rationally. The so-called family law 'experts' who dominate the debate, do so in a self serving manner, which has nothing to do with delivering justice and equality, but everything to do with maintaining the status quo. Operating intensely on several fronts, most are to do with the intimidation of those speaking out, and the withholding of information, in order to stifle debate.

Firstly, most government employees are gagged from making public comment on contentious issues. Governments prefer to employ government agencies, and making use of their own in house public relations experts, to craft carefully tailored manipulative press releases.

Secondly, researchers are under intense pressure to conform to the prevailing paradigm of feminist propaganda and alarmism, if they wish to receive funding for their research.

Thirdly, self-serving members of the establishment who have a vested interest in maintaining the current badly flawed family law industry, continuously speak in declamatory terms about those who dare to challenge them. The broader community and the mainstream media unquestionably accept this melodramatic propaganda as fact.

Fourthly, we see the suppression of important information on the operations of the family courts, child support agencies and the health profession, which would expose the gross injustices of the system and the horrific effects of the systematic persecution of its victims.

This secrecy gives great cause for community concern. The question that needs to be asked is, why is this information kept secret from the community? What are they hiding? Why are they so afraid? Why are more questions not being asked in our parliaments? This is the same 'deadbeat' governmental ignorance and ineptitude, that brought about the collapse of the global financial system.

Our Governments urgently need to recast the sources from which it draws its advice on family laws. The shrill alarmism of its public advisers, and the often fundamentalist feminist policy initiatives, bubbling up from the depths of the civil service, have all long ago been detached from reality. The international family law industry is an obscene collection of self interest groups, hell bent on ripping as much of the financial resources of unsuspecting separating parents as possible, as acknowledged in a plethora of reports. Every one of the many artificial remedies put forward by successive governments, have proved a costly failure and a complete waste of time and resources. Clearly, the wrong horses are being backed.

Myth making government spin doctors have been elevated to god like status, and their deceitful mythical rhetoric is promoted as gospel and used by those who are benefiting from their ill-gotten gains stripped from separating families. Only a handful of investigative journalists have taken the time to seek out the truth, as these stories tend to be viewed as being politically in-correct and unfashionable, and are not easy to sell in the current climate.

As mooted recently by so many around the globe, perhaps the time has come for the governments of the western democracies, to start sourcing their family law policy making information, from those in the community who are the most disadvantaged and suffering the worst excesses of cruelty from those at the centre of the present debacle. Continuing to source this information from those that are profiteering from this gross travesty of justice, and who themselves are the perpetrators, shows an alarming lack of governmental understanding of the complex issues at hand.

If this enlightenment of our legislators and the media were to occur, then at least, there is the possibility that some real solutions are likely to emerge for breaking the current impasse. This gross betrayal of public trust by so many in positions of influence, makes the great and pretentious look very small and impotent. In fact in the complex area of family law, our political legislators continue to perform in a manner commensurate with those lacking the intellectual aptitude to count to ten.

The voices of reason are as thin on the ground as a cold beer in the middle of the Sahara. How much longer are we going to tolerate this holocaust of our cherished family bonds with our children? How much longer do we continue to sit back and silently accept the propaganda put out by the spin doctors employed by our 'deadbeat' governments?

What can you as an individual do to bring about change?

We can do much, particularly since historically, nothing this unjust is sustainable and therefore change is inevitable. However this problem is not going to resolve itself, and we can see how inept governments are, at solving complex problems. So it is up to us, first and foremost, to start driving the debate and setting the agenda.

Ignorant politicians are drawn from an ignorant community, so we cannot expect our current crop of politicians to provide the answers, it is wholly and solely up to all of us to educate the community. There are many ways an informed community can send the strong message to our politicians, that 'we will no longer tolerate the state forcibly removing children from the love, care and protection of responsible parents'. It is possible,


Peter van de Voorde, is a presenter, researcher and co-producer, of popular weekly radio program 'DADS ON THE AIR, AUSTRALIA'

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