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Feminist Morons Promoted by the PCE

Feminist Morons Promoted by the PCE
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Hello, brothers and sisters.

It's said that every little girl dreams about growing up to be a prince. This fantasy is widespread and seems to defy time.

In actuality, little girls don't dream about becoming a prince but a princess. The point was made to show the stupidity of feminist grammar and feminist beliefs.

Feminists are morons.

There will be no place for feminists in the coming Australia that we are building now.

When we take power, all feminists will be tried and those found guilty of crimes against Nature, or crimes against humanity, or crimes against the State, which is the people, will be given a long gaol sentence or the worst of them will be given the death penalty. And the death penalty will be public hanging or public beheading. It is wonderful to imagine those criminal feminists crying seeking the protection of men, the same men they've complained about for years,as they are led to their deaths on the gallows. Imagine them swinging, dancing on air when the floor drops from underneath them.

This will happen. It cannot be forestalled because the forces at work now will grow until the cleansing civil war cleans our society. The forces at work now are primal forces that give meaning to the Earth and our lives. They are basic, fundamental forces which make seem very unimportant all the superficial banalities of supposedly cultured and civilized existence. The forces at work now are War and financial turmoil and the loss of identity by influx of alien migrants and the clear and obvious lies told to us by those we have trusted in the media. All these are making our society a very different place than it was just a few years ago.

Ten years ago, if someone were to complain about Asians taking over Australia, they were called racist and people would pretend not to like him. Now, they agree with him that Asians in Australia are a problem and that there numbers are too great and getting greater.

Five years ago, even though individuals were getting poorer, corporate wealth and concomitant statistics alleged Australia to be a very rich place. Now people are struggling to put bread on the table, and their investments have nearly halved so that they are now worth not much more than when their money was invested. Some people's money has gone altogether.

Ten years ago, political correctness was uncontested, men and women were equal; all races were equal and to prove it we could love multiculturism and spend a lot of government (our) money on those races that pretended not to be; consumerism was good except that it mightn't be said to be, cheap imported furniture from China that looked shiny was as good as any White made piece with proper joinery work done years before. In fact, it was better because one could change styles every year for not much money.

Five years ago, all these things were still said to be good at an official level, but people began doubting about their truths.

For instance, what is the point of multiculturalism if it means bringing Muslim people into Australia while we go and blow up their country or kill them over there, or support the US who was/is doing the same thing. Either multiculturalism is bad or the War in Iraq and the War in Afghanistan is bad. It's not logical to kill people in their country and then bring their relatives to our country and expect them to be very "nice".

And with feminism, what is the point of being a man in the army killing people for what's called the safety of our country and people if when a soldier comes home all he gets from his wife or girlfriend as he wipes off the blood and guts of the enemy off his uniform is how women can do everything men can do and how they don't get paid as much and all men have done is oppress women which is wrong because all "males" and all "females" are equal.

And consumerist capitalism has been saying that if you buy this bit of shiny rubbish you'll feel really good, and that if you get yourself into debt you'll feel great, in fact, the deeper in debt,the better you'll feel.

But we know that these politically correct tenets aren't true. And because we know them, anyone who still tells us that political correctness is good, or politically correct things are good, anyone who says these things we regard with suspicion and as someone who is lying to us for his own purposes. Like the media.

People are watching less and less TV. Hallelujah! May it continue. The TV lies. We in the Australian Family Movement call TV the thief of Time. It robs your precious Life away from you. It tells you lies.

The TV and press are part of the ruling Politically Correct Establishment (PCE) of International Business, International Finance and International Media.

The PCE promote causes that are seen as destructive of generally White society and particularly the White man. He is the greatest threat to them, though many in the PCE are White, themselves.

Having triumphed in the second world war they started to implement their plans to break down Western society – for what it was worth then, certainly more than now, but by no means brilliant – by promoting social causes and activities which were destructive as constructive; by promoting economic causes and activities which were destructive as constructive; and by promoting personal and community standards of behaviour which involved discipline, long-sightedness, and neglect of sensuality as too hard, unrewarding and destructive, while substituting ease, comfort, short-sightedness, wastefulness, and softness as good.

A true Nietzschean reversal of relatively hard values to slave values.

And thus feminism gained credence and acceptability as all the fattest and ugliest women started to complain about everything that men did. Whatever men did, it wasn't good enough. Whatever men did, women could do as well. Men had in historical times ruled via the Patriarchy. Men secretly only promoted other men to power positions in war, government and economy and thus oppressed women to remain athome. Men kept women pregnant and thus ended the competition with women, in which women could do everything at least as well as men. Men and women were born equal, it was only that society, which was rule by oppressive men, forced girls to play with dolls and boys to play with soldiers that made boys grow into dominant ruling men and girls into submissive oppressed women. Women were made to wear high heels and wear make-up and lipstick by the nasty men, and skirts as well. The all-dominant man got to wear the "power" clothes which are the trousers!

And Man is an assertion of "male" dominance, and woman, of "female" submission and also asserts some sort of genetic difference with "woman" some sort of dependent of "Man" because "woman" has the word "man" in it. But because we're all really the same, according to feminists, it would be much better to use the term "person" and differentiate by using "male" or "female" before it. So there aren't, according to feminists, men and women, but only "male" and "female" persons, or "males" and "females".

This flight of fancy was taken as fact and promoted thus by the mediaand "liberalist" institutions like academia. And soft academics who couldn't read Greek, and those Christian academics who bastardized Plato to make his philosophy fit Christian bigotry, found in Plato, more than any other philosopher an alleged equalitarianism between men and women. And they teach now by way of excerpt – which is de rigeur for all university courses – that Plato one of the greatest thinkers of all times was not just an equalitarian but a feminist! Nothing could be further from the truth. We brothers and sisters of the Australian Family Movement know this having studied the Greek, itself, and have seen Plato's very unequalitarian racism and his very apparent, what's called, sexism. But Plato did talk favourably about women and said that they could do what men can do, but not as well. And that women were to do what was suited to their natures and men to do what was suited to theirs.

It is hard to believe, but this feminist lie is taken as fact still by many feminists and would-be intellectuals.

But now, feminists don't speak about such absurdities as much. Now feminists talk about equal rights at work and the "glass-ceiling" which is supposed to exist in the corporate world. After all, we're all born with two arms, two legs, a head, etc. So we're not really unequal are we?

At date of writing, there is a feminist call by parliament to allow women to serve on the front-line in war time. If we're all equal, how can this be a bad or unwise thing?

Well, we all know the answer to that.

But what, I, your Leader, will do is give you some other answers as well, which will give you genuine knowledge about women and women's roles in society and the value and benefit of women, as well as their deficiencies, and foolishnesses.

I will do this in another lecture.

In another lecture, we will also discuss what Plato and Nietzsche and other favourite philosophers said about women.

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