Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Protester vows to hang at judge's home

Protester vows to hang at judge's home


By Dan Evans, 28/09/2008

A FATHERS’ rights protester is planning to commit suicide by hanging himself outside a judge’s home, the News of the World can reveal.

The unidentified dad is said to be suffering from terminal cancer and “has nothing to lose any more”.

The “martyr” for Real Fathers For Justice—a spin-off of defunct group Fathers 4 Justice—is targeting the judge who denied him access to his kids.

RFFJ campaign director Mike Kelly denied that the man’s grim vow was a crass publicity stunt. He said: “We are actively trying to persuade him to take a different course of action.

“He’s doing it to force the Government to discuss the problems with the family law system.”

A source inside the group said: “This activist has not seen his children for years. As he feels there’s nothing more he can do to see them before he dies, he’s going out with a grand gesture. That will involve killing himself at the home of the judge in his case. Plans are quite advanced.”

The source claimed RFFJ is “more hardcore” than Fathers 4 Justice, adding: “These are desperate guys who feel the legal system has unfairly blocked their right to a family life.”

Mr Kelly said FIVE of its members had taken their lives in just three years.

Ministry of Justice spokesman said: “The Government firmly believes children should NOT be denied meaningful contact with their other parent, where this is safe.”

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