Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dutch study indicates PAS is a REAL worry for parents

The New Zealand Family Court will not accept the existence of PAS? You go figure!

New Dutch research study on the Parental Alienation Syndrome in the Netherlands found it to be a much bigger problem then was previously estimated:

See: Esma Kaplan - Research study - Parental Alienation in the Netherlands (2008)

Some of the main conclusions of the Dutch study on Parental Alienation are:

• 72% of Dutch separated fathers believe PAS is a problem.

• 64% of mothers believe PAS is a problem

• According to father's PAS is a severe problem in 21% of cases

• But according to mothers PAS is only a severe problem in 10% of cases.

• Overall fathers consider serious PAS twice as big a problem as mothers

At the referred link above, machine translations of this new Dutch language research study are made available in English, French, German and Spanish:

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amanwhocares said...

Thank you for putting this up on your site. we can not get enough of information about PAS especially when there are forces who are bent on the destruction of the credibility of it and bent on the destruction of men as fathers coupled with thier fervor.

One day they will awake to see that their fervor against this is but a mirror reflection of the boulder in them that couches their understandings and comforts them in their resistance.

Robert Gartner
Houston, Texas