Thursday, October 16, 2008

Liam Magill movie in the pipeline?


The smart talk around town s that Sam Neil is rumoured to have snagged a starring role in a locally produced movie "Ultimate Betrayal"
The movie is based on the "BOOK" is a true story of Melbourne man Liam Magill who was the centre of a heart wrenching Paternity Fraud Case that reached the highest court in Australia in 2006.
Zoe Carides is rumoured to be cast as Melbourne Solicitor Vivien Mavropoulos.
This follows the recent trend of real life personal dramas being brought to life on the screen, hot on the heels of the Australian TV series Underbelly, based on the real life underground crime network operating in Melbourne .
Link to Book is below:

AND : In Addition, there is a political party in Queensland who are naming their branch The Liam Magill Branch of the Non Custodial Parents Party ( not officially registered as yet) because they needed to get permission from Liam- which he gave a few days ago. Just a coincidence that the movie news and this came almost simultaneously. Thats an unusual thing to do huh ? In any case the public are still talking about the Magill case to this very day and the appalling injustice. Its still being discussed on talk back radio . .....Regards C.

Ultimate Betrayal

*Paternity Fraud Exposed in Australia* by/ US Author Lea Anna Cooper/

The Liam Magill paternity fraud case is a tragic story of injustice in Australian Legal History. No one who has the full facts of this story can come to any other conclusion other than “the Australian legal system failed Liam Magill miserably” by conveniently and deliberately side stepping and white washing his case hence allowing the perpetrator Meredith McClelland to go unpunished for her crime of paternity fraud.

The Magill case is still vividly etched in the minds and hearts of everyone to this very day. The appalling decision which was handed down by Australia’s highest court in November 2006, is still being condemned internationally by honest, moral men and women

In 2000, DNA tests results revealed that 2 of the 3 children born during the Magill’s 4 year marriage were not fathered by Liam Magill. Forced DNA tests in 2001 confirmed that Meredith McClelland’s long term lover Derek Rowe had in fact fathered the 2 youngest children.

The marriage of Meredith & Liam was a marriage made in hell and was destined to fail. Only one of the parties in 1988 took the sacred marriage vows seriously and it was not Meredith McClelland.

*Liam Magill suffered one injustice after another in the many years that followed, *beginning in 1988 on his wedding day with his new wife Meredith rushing from the altar to deliver a personal gift to her previous soul mate/ lover Shane Gannon. A humiliating & public gesture which took place in front of all the invited guests. **

To the family of Meredith McClelland from Sea Lake in Victoria who used their bully boy tactics and their position to intimidate & silence Liam when rumors of the paternity fraud first surfaced in 1995.

To the relevant child support authority who refused to refund Liam the massive overpayments of child support after the DNA test results excluded him as being the father of 2 of the children. And the total failure of the same incompetent authority who claimed to pursue the absent biological father Mr Derek Rowe for the financial support of his own 2 offspring was *“problematic” *

To Australian’s High Court Judge with a ‘conflict of interest’ failing to excuse herself by being honest about her own paternity case some years earlier. J Susan Crennan should have never been allowed to judge anything in the Magill case.

Read about the deception minus penitence, fraud and infidelity without remorse or guilt and Meredith’s dishonesty, swindle, lack of passion, and misleading self-devotion which decayed her children’s lives.

One very honest Australian citizen - Liam Magill was denied “a fair go” and every senior Minister in authority in Canberra that had the power to intervene in the Magill case,* failed* to do so.
*Ultimate Betrayal can be downloaded at*

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