Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Judge Boshier you owe me a big apology.

Principal Family Court Judge Boshier
PO Box 10 –167
October 13th 2008.

Your Honour,

My Family Court case (FP/003/59/01 FAM-2003-009-001936) has been a major depressive episode since malicious/false allegations of sexual child abuse and domestic violence were made by the maternal family in 2000 and 2001.

I am the legal guardian of my 15-year-old daughter after she appeared on my doorstep out of the blue last year. The liars in the Family Court had to amend the malicious protection order! The malicious protection order is responsible for 14 criminal convictions, time spent in prison, incarceration as a forensic patient under a Court directed Compulsory Mental Health Order, and over 200 Court Hearings!

Unfortunately your corrupt low life Family Court is responsible for destroying her life. Now she is a very traumatised young lady who has serious behavioural problems due to the professional scum that brainwashed her in the adversarial litigation world of the Family Court gravy train. These evil creeps have taught her how to hate and how to be dishonest. The disgusting tactics used make the Nazis seem tame!

I have pleaded with your office for assistance since 2002, only to be fobbed off time and time again. My daughter is in serious trouble with police and I was wondering why her disgusting state appointed lawyer Adrienne Edwards is not assisting child A? Oh learned judge; can you explain to me why the bias child counsel has never contacted child A since she came into my full time care? While you are at it can you explain why this bias pig has never witnessed the loving interactions between a dad and his severely affected children? Four children destroyed by your evil court!

Your despicable Family Court is responsible for the death of my mother three years ago this November! The actions of a Family Court specialist report writer John Watson deserve a jail sentence. The Court has created immense heartbreak for my four New Zealand born children and is directly responsible for the current anti social behaviours displayed by my eldest daughter.

Well-done sir, your Family Court has created yet another potential criminal. How do you sleep at night? I wish you could feel the roar of pain that your insidious court inflicts upon an innocent father. I have wept so many tears due to the unfairness of the sinister Family Court I am exhausted and beaten to a pulp emotionally, mentally and psychologically. Where is my assistance in difficult times trying to set healthy boundaries with my out of control daughter! Unfortunately it is all too late for that, because my daughter is ruined for life, thanks to you!
You owe me a big apology!

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Jim Bailey - JimBWarrior - HandsOnEqualParent said...

Stay Strong Peter - These horrible Stories must be told - We must stand and tell them Loud and clear - Please post onto Ration Shed - Onward - Jim