Saturday, December 20, 2008

Andrew THOMPSON Missing Child - Global Search - More Information

Hi to you all,

Thank you for your help previously, but can I now ask you to distribute some more material about Andrew through your respective email networks?

I know that people are often suspicious about email campaigns so I've included as much independent information as possible in this update to show this is a genuine appeal.

The following link will take people to an article published in the Daily Telegraph on 13th December 2008. A video interview is also contained within the article.,22049,24791815-5006009,00.html

The next link will take them to an Australian missing persons website.

It contains more information and photos of Andrew and Melinda.

This next link has been placed on a website called BEBO by a UK group that is organising a campaign in the UK and Europe. Another group in Canada is organising something similar for Canada and the US.

I've also attached a copy of a media release dated 14th December 2008 and a copy of the Publication Order issued by the Family Court of Australia on 5th December 2008.

You'll see the Court requires that any information published about Andrew or Melinda must carry a warning that Melinda is not to be approached and that local Police or Interpol should be notified immediately.

I am asking that any or all of this material be distributed as widely as possible via email and that the people who receive it from you forward it to as many people as possible, etc - particularly overseas.

Melinda is very well travelled and knows her way around. She and Andrew could be anywhere, including the UK, Europe, the US, and Canada.

I am expecting some more material to arrive shortly. This material will be written in several European languages and I will forward this to you as well.

This is part of a global media/multi-media campaign that is designed to find Andrew safe and well and have him returned to his family, friends,and home as quickly as possible.

I am very grateful for your on-going and active involvement (and so is Andrew).



ken thompson

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nomiddleman said...

Hi, I noticed the pic of Andrew in the train station near my house in Singapore. Dover is the name of the station. I was walking later that day near by and saw a small boy with blonde hair. he was walking about 15meters in front of what looked to be two maids, who had a very small todler with them.

This is not unusual in this area as many expats maids take the kids for a walk. He had a pair of green crocks on his feet.

Probably not the same little guy, but hey - thought I would post.