Thursday, October 11, 2007

Men swallowing female hormones ! ?

Dear dad4justice,

I'm in LA, where I appeared yesterday on ESPN Radio
and this morning on the KTLA Morning Show. Never will
I be able to fully fathom the wimpiness of men. When
the clips are available, I will post them and notify
you. Then, you can see/hear for yourself.

Later today, at 4PM ET (my hit time is 4:40PM ET), I'll
debate Lis Wiehl on FNC's 'Your World with Neil Cavuto.'
There is a lawsuit at a $10B hedgefund about men being
required to "swallow female hormones to trade better."
The theory is that women are more mellow and more civil
than men, and, if men can emulate women, they will become
tamer and, hence, better salesmen. Really? Has anyone ever
witnessed a catfight? Has anyone ever met a tame divorcee
in a courtroom? Check out the article at:

I have been swallowing female hormones for years, if you
know what I mean. Female hormones are delicious, but they
never made me throw dishes at the wall or hiss like a cat,
and they never made feel mellow, either.

Should be great TV. I hope you can tune in at 4PM ET.


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