Thursday, October 11, 2007

UK -Women's Aid report 29% rise in Child Abuse reports

I do wonder what the total damage to our vulnerable children through insidious child abuse is New Zealand ? The breakdown of the family and the destruction of bonds of genuine and loving child/biological parent relationships caused through fatherlessness has placed the children of the Western World in a tragic situation .
The total eradication of the child abuse problems within society should be a priority for a clear headed and caring government . Why is government and society letting our children down ?

Thursday, October 11, 2007
Women's Aid has reported a 29% increase in the number of child abuse incidents reported to its national helpline last year.

The organisation says cases reported to the helpline included an abuser urinating on a child, a child being kicked in the stomach, children being beaten and being exposed to rape.

Five per cent of the reported incidents happened during access visits and 20% of abusers were ex-husbands or ex-partners of the child's mother.


Roger Nome said...

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Roger Nome said...

Well D4J - are you forthcoming with an answer?

Anonymous said...

Phillip John:

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Peter said...

I opposed the anti smacking bill on the basis of discipline and parents’ right to choose whether to smack or use some other form of disciplining their child.

Discipline precedes responsibility, and it’s the parents’ duty to ensure future members of society are responsible individuals. The rise of violence and anti social behaviour has provided evidence to the contrary, and the parents can hardly be blamed for the breakdown of society. I am placing this on the head of Sue Bradford and the Labour PC squad.

Child abuse among other abnormal behaviour, including ailments, and communal disease are the means by which Socialism is established. We don’t have an Agricultural or IT economic base, we have a services industry. And services rely heavily on social needs. And that is why the anti smacking bill is a precedent to the generation of the means for the Socialism economic base.

Illness, disease, addictions, violence, and crime are permanent evils of Socialism, and no amount of propaganda can deny the truth. All these violence and crime are consequences of the economic mode in place.

(It is not anecdotal or rhetoric, it is science - cause and effect.)

Robert Nelson said...
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