Friday, October 26, 2007

Wendy from Ifeminists' celebrates 7 years clean
Subject: Ifeminists' 7th Anniversary
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2007 16:08:58 -0500
From: "Wendy McElroy"

Hello Peter:

Last month marked the seventh anniversary of seven years of daily effort to promote a vision of feminism in which there is true equality of the sexes under just law. Neither privileges nor oppression under the law -- only the justice that is a precondition of good will between women and men. We both want to live in a society that doesn't vilify or elevate either sex; we both want a new generation of children to be raised with respect for themselves as individuals, not weighed down with collective guilt or other burdens. We are committed to actualizing that vision.

7 days a week,ten items a day of relevant news and commentary are fed into the ever-hungry mouth of the newsfeed. It has become extremely popular with those who spread ideas through RSS. The brief editorial comments I often append to items adds to their political punch. This sort of daily grind is not glamorous; it does rouse a crowd the way a political ca! mpaign can but it is what sustains ideas and ideals through decades, long after the confetti of a political campaign has been swept away.

Recently, expanded to include:

1. a blog that features the real world stories of those who have been victimized by gender policies and law -- for example, divorced men who have lost custody of children due to the court's anti-male bias and women who were almost literally coerced into bringing domestic violence charges against loved ones even though the fight that occurred was mutual. I want people to look into the face of those human being damaged by gender politics.

2. a selection of articles on "Ayn Rand: the Woman" in order to highlight the immense contributions of a woman who has been vilified by mainstream feminism. A giant(ess) among intellectuals, she has been dismissed largely due to her stress on laissez faire capitalism and individual rights. I want to correct this 'oversight'.

Of course, also maintains a full slate of guest editorials and the other features to which you've become accustomed.

I believe the fate and hope of politics lies in grassroots movements that are driven by people (like me) who don't give up and who don't balk at the hard, steady work that change requires. Please consider contributing to the year-in and year-out effort of to steer society toward sanity and benevolence between the sexes.

I ask you to donate to either at the donation button at the top right-hand corner of where credit cards are accepted or through mailing a check. For the latter, please contact me for mailing information.

I thank you,
Wendy McElroy

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