Friday, October 5, 2007

Shooting cop named .

Without prejudice .

I brought my first copy of the Truth for many, many years today to find out the identity of the cop that shot Stephen Jon Bellingham and I was horrified to find out it was sergeant Anton ten Hove (51).

One must be so careful these days about commenting about police behaviour, however I do admire the New Zealand Truth Newspaper for highlighting his name where MSM has not dared to go near the grey subject. Typical gutless controlled media and the Truth can count me in as a regular reader.

Now I know Anton ten Hove and his legendary black gloves, however I am not going to adjudicate on the Bellingham incident as to the circumstances have been fully and fairly examined by the appropriate authorities. Fat chance of that happening as "police lie to save each other’s butts" Senior Sergeant Arnold Kelly - Ashburton Police .

The eyewitness to the event that I spoke too alleged they heard 4 gun shots and Steve had his hands beside his arms. I would believe this, as Anton ten Hove with a gun pointing at you is not a good idea and would frighten anybody into dropping what he or she carried. He is a mean machine and I can tell you he is one worked up fitness, martial arts machine and I wouldn’t even for the slightest moment ever think of messing with this aggro dude, especially when he is packing a piece.

What really hacks me off about this whole sordid affair is that the victim here was on legal party pills . What did the government think when they brought this shit into society . It is pure madness and I blame the likes of that twisted Utopian - tree hugger - green ropehead called Nandor . The idiot that is always bleating on about social justice and doing nothing about it .
Yeah right, he contributed to this death . He has blood on his hands as well as sergeant scrap king !! It is well past time that the duped New Zealand public realize the greens are just Helen Clark feminist cult nutbars /puppets . I hope they are destroyed at the next election and replaced by clear headed and sensible people who are passionate to environmental issues . These socialist nanny state control freaks are just nanny state social engineers . They are gormless and spineless creatures, who just flap in the changeable wind. A type of parasitic species with no social responsibility ,conscience or morals . Basically they are hot air blunders , wasted spaces , yet these devious creeps campaign on some deluded and trivial issue until they find a high ground to grandstand .They are protected by the twisted and mental Prime Minister, which allows them to build a platform of self righteousness and think their communist manifesto is not showing .

Oh well , stuff the consequences, as I am way past caring , two days before Christmas a couple of seasons back a 17 stone Ashburton cop called Constable Mark Walter Dryland assaulted my female partner in front of her two terrified teenage daughters .
Three Ashburton cops traveled out of their jurisdiction into the Christchurch Police Area , bashed their way in on a unsigned search warrant looking for items relating to my family court case, to give me a right doing over as a Christmas prezzy . Who said the cops are not the biggest gang in New Zealand ? If I not here tomorrow , you know what happened ???

Justice Goddard from the PCA said to my lovely , kind and law abiding partner that is to be expected living with me and Senior Sergeant Arnold Kelly from Ashburton is responsible for my injustice and the terrible destruction of my family .

You and me Kelly ? What you say ? Lets make it a fair fight - get it on - eh jellyfish !!?? You dirty corrupt bastard . And ,the PCA is a toothless corrupt tiger.

No wonder people hate cops and the stoned up Greens . Sue Bradford is just a hairy arm pitted bush pig that couldn't even accord myself the decency of answering my polite question at a Select Committee hearing the submissions on the smacking bill saga ! I made all that effort for that fat pig to turn her back on me . I was left speechless . Who the hell does she think she is !!
That says a lot for the gutless communist scumbags ! Helen Clark is a disgrace to all New Zealanders !!


Anonymous said...

Helen Clark will win the next election and go into coalition with the Greens and Sue Bradford. You ignorant nutbar!

dad4justice said...

May I humbly suggest that Helen Clark will not be able to find a suitable rock to hide under once the WHOLE TRUTH comes out about her sham marriage !

Once the general public know all about her deception and sinister modus operandi Labour will be lucky to poll 20% while the Socialist Action League ( the green party ) will be obliterated into political oblivion !

You cowards can put your name to your comments . Silly communist jellyfish will be history after the election.

Anonymous said...

And if National wins your benefit will be a goner too.

jack said...

Anton ten Hove aye, you've got to watch them tooled up Dutchmen.

Anonymous said...

Tool bag - Where do you get off claiming you know Anton. Ranting and raving before he was even found innocent!

He's one of the most professional and gentle people you would ever meet. Not to mention he's a dedicated Christian.

Hope you feel better naming and shaming someone who was only doing the right thing. fucking douche

dad4justice said...

Doing the right thing? Contrary to your one eyed opinion, several eye witness's that saw the incident say that it was nothing more than cold blooded murder.

Everybody in Canterbury knows Anton is the "enforcer" and don't come at the gentle crap with me, as I have been on the receiving end of this psycho's head case behaviour which was far from gentle and Christian.

He will meet his match one day.