Friday, December 21, 2007

A Christmas Wish from young John .

A Christmas Wish

Christmas is only a few days away and John, aged 7, lies in his bed thinking about his gran and granda. He was enjoying the thoughts of last Christmas when all the family had had a great time.

'It is ages since I saw them and I love granda to play football or cricket with me. Staying the weekend with them is magic! Gran always bakes special cakes for me. I really miss them both. When I ask daddy where they are and why we don't see them anymore, he just says "that's the way it is".

The last time they were round there was a big argument and a lot of crying. I think they have fallen out.

When I fall out with my friends, my mum always says "try to make up again – nothing is ever that bad" and we usually do. Maybe I should say that to mum and dad about gran and granda? What has happened that is so terrible?

My pals at school ask why my gran or granda does not bring me to school anymore. Some say that if they have fallen out, I will never see them again which makes me so sad. One boy keeps shouting, "nobody wants you" to it and me makes me wonder if it was my fault that they fell out.

Maybe I should try and put it right and say I'm sorry. I know they live a long way from us but I'm going to try and find them on Saturday. I will get up early and use my pocket money for bus fares.

Saturday came. John had hidden his backpack at the bottom of the stairs. He had his breakfast as usual, then told his parents he was going to play with his pal across the road. He slipped out with the backpack and headed for the bus stop at the bottom of the road and got on the first bus that came. He tried to remember the road his dad drove whey they did go round to see gran and granda, but it was all strange. So he got off that bus and got on another one. The bus came into a shopping centre that he did not recognise and everyone got off.

There were lots of people rushing about and Santa was going round say Merry Christmas to everyone. The centre was all lit up with Christmas lights. John was feeling frightened and lost and began to want his mum and dad.

A policeman spotted him and asked him who he was with. "I am trying to find my gran and granda but I think I'm lost," replied the lad. The policeman asked where he lived then phoned his mum and dad. They got the shock of their lives to discover where their son was and raced to him.

John thought they would angry with him, but they were only too happy that he was alright. "I was trying to find my gran and granda to tell them I was sorry if it was my fault you have fallen out," he told them. At this his mum burst into tears. Holding him tight she told him what had happened was not his fault. It was just adults being silly.

When they got home, mum and dad promised they would sort out the problems between them and gran and granda.

The very next day was Sunday. After dinner, there was a knock on the door and John rushed to open it thinking it was one of his pals. There in the doorway stood gran and granda. John was stunned. "well, are you not going to let us in?" said gran.

John threw himself at them and mum and dad joined them with tears all round. "We will have a great Christmas now" John thought.

Jimmy Deuchars.

"Bringing Families Together"

Merry Christmas

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