Friday, December 14, 2007

Who Needs Credit Cards

Dear dad4justice,

In case you missed it, Wal-Mart began selling pink
panties adorned with "Who Needs Credit Cards." This
caused an uproar, and Wal-Mart removed them from
its stores.,2933,316580,00.html

Why the uproar? Because the truth hurts. These four
words expose how mothers train their daughters to
act with men, right?

Every girl in a bar EXPECTING men to buy her a drink
is implying the same thing. Every girl who pulls the
routine is implying the same thing. But, when it's
written on the crotch of panties, it's too accurate.
It exposes the truth. The truth hurts.

The uproar occurred because this message is as
inappropriate on girls' panties as it is in the
behavior of women in dating and marriage. If girls
don't want to be thought of as whores, they must stop
acting like them. They must pay on dates, and stop
EXPECTING to be wined & dined & vacationed & kept.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Fuck I am so angry...

"a reassessment of the access arrangements in 2003 resulted in the Family Court approving unsupervised access as he had progressed well in his therapy"

What utter bullshit. Fuck therapy. The man is a kiddie f##ker. And always will be.

Don't tell me that all men are shafted by the Family Court.