Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Labour Party snakes are going insane !

Tane Says:
December 17th, 2007 at 2:24 pm

I quite liked blogblog’s take on Boscawen’s last effort, which pleaded hysterically, ‘Answer My Question, Prime Minister!’

Yep, he’s like Dad4Justice with money:
Boscawen - Dad4Justice with Money


John Boscawen has descended into Dad4Justice-style raving in his latest anti-EFB ad.

I love the title ‘Answer My Question, Prime Minister!’. As if the leader of a country has nothing better to do than address the rants of a rich loon.

In the terribly boring ad (do he and Key use the same production people?), Boscawen says he’s now spent $190,000 in his campaign.

He tries to show this isn’t just one man’s crazy crusade by saying that $45,000 (less than a quarter) of that money came from other donors, and $5,000 of that came from fundraising at the rallies, which truend out less than 5,000 people in total.

So, campaign funding: $145,000 from Mr Boscawen (5.4 times the median annual income, incidentally), $40,000 from secret backers, $5,000 from the few people who cared enough to march for half an hour on the issue ($1 per person). Sounds like a one-man campaign to me.

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