Friday, December 7, 2007

Criminality on kiwiblog ?

Just to update this post since I posted it this morning because I am tired of this rubbish from strange cowards who are obsessed with me . 29 comments forwarded on today . Rather frightening - and that is saying something coming from me , believe me . I will not be satisfied until these creeps are accountable to the authorities for their callous actions . I hope that is possible . To the many anonymous cowards types that have left their criminal comments I say this ; hinamanu , stan , and Phillip John Mason used discriminatory and malicious expressions in public in an act of extreme unfairness , causing great fear and mental anguish for the victims . It is a matter for authorities now . You are digging very big holes for yourselves . Thank you for the evidence and please keep the comments coming . The vile pus ridden hinmanu spews her vile bile "2nd time he’s been kicked off, there’ll be a third."

No third time hinamanu . Not until I have hurt you .

This week on kiwiblog hinamanu called me a paedophile and jerk Lee C think it's cool and funny ; Lee C - ps "colinm Hinamanu is a gentleman and a scholar. He is a gentle soul of discretion and refinement. I can bear witness to that….?” I have told David Farrar that I am finished at kiwiblog, as I have had it.This is beyond a joke . I am hurt and my children - have said Dad enough is enough . My 14 year old daughter, whom I have full custody has read ALL the malicious comments from hinamanu and she has said this nasty person has set you up Dad. She is correct . Well done hinamanu , I reacted with my hot head temper . Guilty judge . Now I come for you in a Law Court .How dare you call me that . The affidavit from my daughter to the court should ruin your Christmas . I will blog it rather than returning to kiwiblog . More effective that way . Stan get ready for jail you nasty #### . I hope Police have viewed your comments ? hinamanu about me on another website ; HEY EL STUPIDO- CACOFINIX . Hey coward we will see who is stupid as you are going down litigation road , boy and I hope you got plenty for money to pay my daughters injured feelings . Oh boy , I would hate to be you , payback will be so sweet .

I have collected quite an array of IP addresses that have been forwarded to the appropriative intelligence analyst's , however my expectations of achieving anything like closure on these defamatory remarks are matter of pessimism, rather than optimism . I am into my seventh Christmas as a falsely accused father and this latest cowardly attack on the internet has horrified family and friends and it is the final straw for me .

I have told David F that I going to try and bring legal action against the culpable offenders, however my priorities lay with my family at Christmas time . People who accuse people of criminality on public forums are liable for their comments if they are false. The Law is very clear on this . What I cannot understand is why the owner of kiwiblog allows people like hinamanu to stab me in the back at every opportunity without consequences? Some rules are completely out of balance with the real world, for example , hinamanu regularly calls me a pedophile scumbag but it is deemed appropriate ? If hinamanu said it to my face I would hospitalize the sad vile cockroach with one punch. Lights out, problem solved. I wish it were that easy.

These sickies, stan, roger nome and the hinamanu creep allege I am guilty of paedophilia and some jerk called Lee Clark thinks he is a scholar and a gentleman.What the hell ? Lets all buy all men are bastard knife blocks for Christmas FFS !!! Stan asked me if I raped my children? My daughter wants to nail this animal !! Roger nome – Phillip John Mason reiterated the question. The bonafide stupidity of hinamanu, who has constantly made reference and insinuations about my involvement with the inappropriate behaviour of children is the bastard I want to nail, as this filth attacked my credibility from day one. I will get this deluded pious piece of crap. Laugh now scum, but you won't be laughing in the future matey . Thank you for the many emails of support since hinamanu started on her /his crusade to destroy my character on kiwiblog . No doubt the insipid cowardly cretins like hinamanu, roger nome and stan all think they can say hurtful things and get away with it. I can tell you hinamanu I will deal to you all. One by one . That is something you can rest assured that one day d4j is coming a knocking. I will fix you properly, however in the mean time as I have already told the owner of kiwiblog I am going to initiate future legal proceedings against the serious slander of character. I will make inquiries into how I best do this . Three defendants, one plaintiff, I need some justice here, as the malicious chapter in the Law Tort book gives me ample scope to bring proceedings against these perpetrators of filth. We will see how smart you three creeps are then – eh!! Got good lawyers I hope.

I may be old school but these low down creeps’ need a good thrashing for malicious and offensive comments. Try going around calling a father a kiddy f##ker in public and see what ward you end up in . Take my arm but DON"T EVER call a loving father one of them BAD DADS !!!!I can take physical pain, however call a man a peddie and the impact is similar to having a gorgon witch ripping your heart out .

The weasels on kiwiblog and public address, who has crossed the link of decency disillusion me and I am glad to rid myself of these creeps , for the time being .

In no way is the owner of kiwiblog David Farrar responsible for the criminal comments made on his site from offensive people like stan, roger nome and hinamanu. I have met David personally, parliament grounds of all places , man to man and he is a dude whom I respect . I hope one day this is all sorted out for the better ?

God is my strength . Justice is coming .

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Anonymous said...

Hinamanu is called Rangi Carroll a blow hard from kiwiblog .

Keep up the good work Peter .

Kind regards