Thursday, December 27, 2007

D4j struck out regarding employment .

A large amount of noise and malicious rhetoric has been directed at me for claiming the invalids benefit from a government that I continually criticize. I have tried my best to seek employment in the area of reuniting families so the children are not stressed, however my efforts and training programmes were all a waste of time as the fob off bureaucratic paper trail proves. The gender bias and totally unfair government will not think outside the square and try and seek common sense alternatives that strive for mediation rather than lengthy litigation in the sordid world of the Family Court gravy train of misery. I do not allow the unlawful gender discrimination by a radical feminist government to deter my objective and I am currently supporting, fathers, mothers, gran mums, gran dads and several children trapped in the coldly callous and confusing world of the Kangaroo Court system and a dangerously dysfunctional CYFS.

Anyway, at least I tried to get a job. I hate being unemployed as I can offer New Zealand so much, but whatever here is a fob off paper trail that proves I tried to gain meaningful and constructive employment.

State Services Commission
21 December 2006

Dear Peter

Mainstream Supported Employment Programme

I am pleased to confirm as a result of the application recently made on your behalf by Adie McLaughlin of Workbridge, you are now eligible to participate in the Mainstream Supported Employment Programme. The eligibility is valid for 12 months, unless you become employed for more than 15 hours a week during this time.

Mainstream Placements are arranged by disability sector agencies such as Workbridge, and not by the State Services Commission. This means it is the role of Adie McLachlan to negotiate the possibility of a Mainstream placement with a potential employer on your behalf. You should discuss your employment preferences with Adie McLachlan. Please be patient because finding a placement can take several months.

Mainstream eligibility does not necessarily guarantee that a position will be found for you by Workbridge. Although there are several State sector organisations eligible to employ Mainstream participants, they are no obligation to do so. The number of people on the Mainstream Programme has grown considerably recently, as the number of people approved for eligibility. This has put pressure on the availability of placements.

Please note that funding will not be reserved for individual prospective Mainstream participants because, placement can, and often does, take some time to organise.

If placement is negotiated, Adie McLachlan will notify you and also complete the remaining Mainstream paperwork. A letter and information pack from the Mainstream Programme will then be sent to you.

My best wishes to you in the meantime

Yours sincerely
Pam MacNeill
Mainstream Programme Manager.

Work and Income

16 May 2007.

Dear Peter

I refer to your letter 12 March 2007, and subsequent conversation with Wendy Rabbidge our Social Development Manager.

Thank you for enquiry about the possibility of establishing a position that would provide mediation between clients and government agencies through the Mainstream supported Employment Programme.

We have now explored possible options, and wish to advise that unfortunately we are not able to assist you. However, I understand from your conversations with Wendy that you have a particular interest in the judicial area, so would suggest that you approach the Department of Corrections and Ministry Of Justice about opportunities they may have available.

We would also strongly encourage you to talk with staff at Workbridge about other alternatives.

Again, I would like to thank you for your enquiry, and we wish you all the best in securing employment within your area of interest.

Yours sincerely

John Henderson
Regional Commissioner for Social Development.

Office of Hon Damien O’Connor
5 June 2007.

On behalf of the Hon Damien O’Connor, Minister of Corrections, I acknowledge with thanks your letter dated 30 May 2007, regarding your request for employment.

Please note that employment matters are the responsibility of the Chief Executive of the Department of Corrections and the Minister of Corrections does not have authority to intervene.

The minister has therefore referred your letter to his officials at the Department for a direct response. You may expect a reply in due course.

Thank you for taking the time to contact the Minister.

Yours sincerely
Samuel King
Private Secretary: Corrections

Office of Hon Mark Burton
6 June 2007

Dear Peter

On behalf of Hon Mark Burton, Minister for Justice, thank you for your letter of 30 may 2007 regarding employment opportunities.

The Minister has forwarded your letter to the Ministry’s human resources department for their consideration.

Yours sincerely
Mark Devereux
Private Secretary - Justice

Department Of Corrections
13 June 2007.

Dear Mr Burns

I refer to your letter 30 May to the Minister of Corrections. It has been forwarded to the Department for response, as employment matters are the responsibility of the Chief Executive rather than the Minister.

Thank you for enquiry, however the Department does not have the type of position you have described in your letter. If you wish to be considered for an alternative position, all current vacancies in the Department can be found at

Yours sincerely
Katrina Casey
General Manager
Probation and offender Services

Ministry of Justice
2 July 2007

Dear Peter

I refer to your letter to the Minister of Justice dated 30 May 2007 regarding employment in your area of expertise – reuniting families. As you will be aware the minister has asked me to reply directly to your letter.

All employment opportunities within the Ministry of Justice are advertised externally. These opportunities are posted on our Internet Site so I would suggest you visit the site on a regular basis to determine whether you wish to apply for any available in the Canterbury area. The address of this site is

I have forwarded your CV and letter to the Regional Manger Southern, Murray Smith, so that he is aware of your interest in any relevant roles that might be available in the Canterbury area.

Enclosed is a copy of a position description for a Family Court Co-ordinator role, for your information. I have provided this to give you an indication of the types of roles the Ministry has that may be of interest you given your background and expertise.

Thank you for your interest in working for the Ministry of Justice

Yours sincerely
Janine Hearn
General Manager, Human Resources.

Inland Revenue
12 July 2007

Notice of refund

Westpac New Zealand Government Branch
Wellington NZ

Pay Mr Peter Burns to the order of One Dollar and 39 cents.

In conclusion ;
You know where they can shove their $1.39 Cheque and I hope 2008 provides me with the opportunity to join the work force again ?

Only time will tell

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