Saturday, December 15, 2007

Paedophile dupes CYFS and Family Court !!

This is typical from a deluded Family Court . Judges sit behind benches and read lies from well paid lawyers and psychologists . These people are under instruction to mandate ideology's within the feminazi court structure by politicians . For example, the then associate Minister of Justice Lianne Dalziel 2002 address to the Christchurch Family court . The manager of the court was so disgusted he resigned and was replaced by one of Helen's girls . The Family Court does not act in the child's best interests, as it is a gravy train of deceit and the children are the victims . The professional leaches suck blood money while the children get STD's as 12 year olds . If only people knew the sordid world of the terrible Family Court ? Talk about angry and sad !!

Q ;How could a dysfunctional Family Court allow this to happen?

A; The Family Court in my case has killed my mother in 2005 and helped both my daughters get sexually abused by their court protected Gran dad. !!! My two daughters have had a court appointed lawyer called Adrienne Edwards, since 2001 and this pus ridden maggot has not once cared a hoot about my daughters terrible predicament .
She gets thousands upon thousands of tax payers dollars so she can destroy my credibility .You know not once has she witnessed my interaction with my beautiful daughters . She is evil !! The Family Court is a pit full of dirty low life vipers .CYFS are that dysfunctional they are dangerous . I will make them ALL accountable . I am going to exact revenge on that insidious child abuse factory .It is a place devoid of genuine credibility and moral substance .

Man molests daughter in CYF care

Child, Youth and Family (CYF) has conceded it was duped by a paedophile who was able to molest his daughter after being given unsupervised access to her.

The man, who is from a small South Island town, last month admitted two charges of indecently assaulting a girl under 12 and four of unlawful sexual connection with a girl under 12, involving two girls.

Judge Michael Crosbie has asked the Crown to investigate the possibility of preventive detention for the man, 42, who will be sentenced on February 22.

The man's former partner and mother of one of the girls has criticised CYF for allowing him access to their daughter in 2003, despite knowing of his convictions for indecent assault.

"I started making waves years ago," she said.

"But three days a week he was given the opportunity to pick my daughter up from school and have her all afternoon.

"It's just disgusting."

CYF southern regional director John Henderson said the government agency had known of the man's offending, despite him changing the spelling of his name, but he was granted unsupervised access by the Family Court after undertaking treatment programmes.

"For the vast majority of the time his daughter has been in our care, the offender was granted only supervised access, however, a reassessment of the access arrangements in 2003 resulted in the Family Court approving unsupervised access as he had progressed well in his therapy," he said.

"All those working with this family are horrified at what has happened. We are all searching for answers and seeking to understand how those in expert fields have been duped by this man."

The offending began when the girls were aged five and six and stopped when the man was sent to jail on an unrelated matter.

The sexual offending was revealed after his release when he again made sexual advances to his daughter.

Henderson said an access safety plan had been developed this year with CYF, which meant the man was never left alone with his daughter and there was to be no skin contact apart from a kiss on the cheek on arriving and leaving.

"Despite this, within only five days of his release from prison (this year) the offender took advantage of small moments of inattention, such as turning away to make a coffee, to inappropriately touch his daughter on her back and leg," Henderson said.

"The two incidents occurred in a matter of seconds and were so quick the foster parent did not see this happening.

"At no time was the offender left alone in a room with his daughter. Her caregivers are extremely protective and loving. This was very devious and blatant behaviour."

The young girl then disclosed the offending to her foster mother and also made a full disclosure of sexual abuse by her father prior to his recent imprisonment.

It was the first time that she had told anyone about the previous abuse.

Henderson defended the foster parents' care of the girl, saying CYF had full confidence in them.

"She has been with her foster parents for several years and we believe that the attachment and bond she has with her foster parents strengthened her ability to tell us the full story."

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