Saturday, December 8, 2007



I am worried that the New Zealand police are going to introduce Tasers to all patrols, so they can administer a shock to many over the 2007 Christmas period with electric control measures , just like I did on the farm with the cattle prodder . My understanding of a Taser is that anybody with an existing heart condition would be better to take a bullet in the body rather than the excessive voltage. Pre exising heart conditions and Tasers didn't mix , its a bit like having a bath with a plug in toaster !! What a way to die. The horrible thought of being Tasered by cops and just imagine the response from the toothless/corrupt PCA. Ms Goddard feeble piffle response would go along the lines ; but,but after a extensive inquiry from the independent authority (lol) please don't blame us as we didn’t know he had a significant cardiac disorder. But why should I complain, Stephen Wallace and Stephen Bellingham were gunned down in cold blood as target practise for bloodthirsty cops. How is the Anton ten Hove inquiry going PCA Lowell dear? Oh yes, silly me another cop out and cover –up thank you Tom Lewis .

My female lady friend sports a permanent limp due to an assault by a coward pig constable from Trashburton – Mark Walter Dryland. I will see in court one day you mixed up coward meatheat. To violently push a lady into a concrete wall head first, two days before Christmas, in front of her two beautiful terrified teenage daughters, while out of your jurisdiction is worthy of a smack in the head by me . Mark, how would feel if I did that to your wife at your front door? Great Christmas present for the family and your children can feel trauma caused by the psychological, mental and emotional scares for the rest your their lives ? Good one lunkhead pig !! I mean to say, my justified righteous anger is a normal reaction, because police cannot execute a search warrent relating to matters in the civil Family Court .Fact . You broke the law guys and girls from New Zealand police .The response from our complaint was that the Ashburton Senior Sergant Arnold Kelly said ; " police lie to protect each other ." The shameful response from the PCA to my bewildered partner " she should expect that living with me ." Stuff you animals ,this lady is a major player in a large New Zealand construction company and has never been in trouble with the law . She regularly sits on juries . Dam you cops make me sick .... You are more corrupt than the gangs . Ahh, silly me , you are the biggest gang of thugs in kiwiland !! Be warned keep the greased baton away my two biological daughters and two step daughters. Police integrity is in the gutter !!

Hows that Mr Egg O'Connor . Did you like that did you ? Bring it on ! Dryland ,hows your boss Senior Sergeant Arnold Jellyfish? Talking about inept Officers how is that crazy feminazi demon causing havoc for so many innocent fathers ? I am going to buy Ms Illingworth a broken cricket bat for Christmas. Must be due for another BLOG ATTACK article to appear in Christchurch Press, never found out who was the culprit did we ? Good one .

Anyway back to Tasers, as those corrupt Ashburton cops are going down because Justice is coming on two fronts next year. Payback for many. Mums the word at present.

The prime role of Taser technology is the same as the electric shocks that mice receive in laboratory behaviour-control experiments. The mice are shocked each time they try to enter certain channels and eventually they stop trying. The fear of being shocked is enough to control them and that's the real role of the Taser.

The videos of people being Tasered, and the stories of those who die, are no problem for those in real authority. They want people to see this because it is saying ...
'Look what will happen to you if you don't obey'.

An article I saw about the Taser XREP included this line from the writer:
'We'll behave ourselves, officer, but please, just point that thing somewhere else'.

That's exactly the mentality that the Taser is designed to instill fear. It shows how far we have come down the Orwellian road that the website can say that the Taser is a 'proven solution for stopping violence'.Hitting another human being with 50,000 volts of electricity is considered to be 'stopping violence'. Ahh, but you see the authorities are never violent, even when they are pepper - bombing cities.

Only the people are violent. The authorities merely employ the 'use of force'.

Zap the mice not the people .Yeah right . If only ?

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