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False Allegations of Sexual Abuse

This article hits home because my nightmare started after I was accused by the maternal family of child abuse. Since then many lying lawyers and other unscrupulous professionals have leached blood money from the misery.How does one achieve justice? Never give up. Yeah right who listens in this corrupt evil country!

False Allegations of Sexual Abuse

Protect Yourself from a False Accusation of Child Abuse

Karen Stephenson

11th September 2008

A false allegation of sexual abuse against a child is the weapon of choice in vicious custody battles fought in family courts across North America. It should be a crime.

York Regional Police arrested a man for sexually abusing his young daughter. He claimed he was innocent but a blood-stained pair of his daughter’s underwear was given to police as evidence by his ex-wife. Had it not been for D.N.A. testing this man would have been convicted and labeled a pedophile for life. Police discovered that his wife had intentionally cut herself and put her blood on the underwear. She was charged with public mischief and fined $25.

Many men are targets of a venomous false allegation during custody battles as a tactic in an attempt to attain sole custodial rights. Sexual abuse allegations are a form of emotional abuse. This form of abuse has become so widespread during divorce that it has been coined the S.A.I.D. (Sexual Allegations in Divorce) Syndrome.

Dr. Reena Sommers, M. Sc., Ph.D., has worked in the field of issues surrounding parenting, custody, domestic violence and false allegations for over a decade. She has provided expert testimony in Canadian and American courtrooms. Dr. Sommer's extensive research has discovered that accusers generally share similar personality traits. They tend to be overbearing, demanding, manipulative, insensitive, self-righteous and generally fail to assume any responsibility for family problems. Accused men also share common characteristics. Some of these include: naïve, compromising, committed to the family, caring and lack insight to the seriousness of family problems.

Bottom line, parents that are falsely accused of sexual abuse rarely see it coming. There is a strong focus on making things work in the relationship so when the allegation hits, it is as though there was no warning. There are warning signs to watch out for.

SAID Syndrome Patterns

The allegation occurs after separation and possibly legal action between the parents has started.

Family dysfunction has been a part of the marriage relationship.

The female’s personality tends to be histrionic (emotional and attention seeking).

The male tends to be a passive-dependent personality.

The child is typically female and under the age of eight. The child may show signs of behavioural patterns of verbal exaggerations, inappropriate affective responses and discrepancies in relating the incident.

The allegation is first communicated by the mother.

Making a false allegation in itself, is abusing a child. Often, the child must undergo unnecessary and intrusive medical and psychological examinations. Depending on the age of the child, it can cause a permanent rift between the child and the accused parent. The rift, combined with negative information given by the mother to the child creates parental alienation syndrome (PAS). (It is noteworthy that many women are also victims of PAS.)

Never Give Up

If you are a victim of a false allegation, never give up the battle for what is right. Reverend Dorian Baxter was a victim of false allegations. Not only did his ex-wife falsely accuse him, the child protection worker took her allegations and fabricated further “evidence”. It took this courageous man ten years of fighting and legal debts of $350,000 to not only win his case, but he got sole custody of his two daughters. Reverend Baxter in his battle for justice made history in the province of Ontario. He is the first person to successfully sue the Children’s Aid Society. Unfortunately his victory still left him $100,000 in debt as the courts awarded him only $250,000.

If You Are a Victim

If you or someone you know is a victim of a false allegation, seek help. Fathers Are Capable Too is a good start. Although based in Toronto, they are one of the largest non-custodial parents’, father's rights and children’s rights organizations in Canada. They are able to assist those who are out of area to other resources.

Our society needs strict laws to aid in the education process to send a clear message out there that no one has the right to make a false allegation. False allegations should be a criminal offence.

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amanwhocares said...

There are many evil groups that reject the credibility of Parental Alienation. Among them are Justice for Children, The Leadership Council, Legal Momentum arm of N.O.W., Stop Family Violence, Garland Waller, Paul Fink, etc.

Justice for Children has destroyed my daughter and myself. They did this while giving daughters mother free assistance. Mom was out committing three major felonies at the same time. My daughter now 22 years of age still cannot reconnect with me. Her life as a high school dropout is filled with babies.

Such zealouts must be forced from courtrooms.