Thursday, April 19, 2007

CYFS Watch host to sell tee-shirts .

CYFS watch website host to sell tee-shirts
Thu-19-Apr-2007 1:25pm

You can name and shame social workers on the internet and soon you will
be able to buy the tee-shirt too.

The blog site "cyfswatch" attracts posts from people wanting to name
social workers, publish the addresses of MPs, and complain about CYFS.

Now, the site is branching out.

In a post today, the site's host, known as Masterton man Henk Van
Helmond, says the website is moving and will be shortly relaunched.

He says a new site will also appear offering people hosting services as
well as cfyswatch merchandise such as tee-shirts protesting the
smacking bill.

I just thought I would state for the record that two weeks ago a Family Court Judge told me that ;" CYFS were so disorganized and dysfunctional that they were dangerous ."

Its is sad reality that the bureaucratic inertia is responsible for so much avoidable heartbreak and misery for so many decent parents and alienated children .

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Andy said...

Well, I hope they're good t-shirts. If they are, I reckon I'll get one. Good stuff Peter.