Monday, April 30, 2007

Thank God that Judge Boshier is thinking about mediation

30 Apr 2007

The Prinicipal Family Court Judge says it's inevitable that a mediation system will be set up for separated families to sort out their differences without a judge needing to be present.

Policymakers are considering the results of a Family Mediation Pilot, which which began in 2005 and finished last June in Christchurch, North Shore, Hamilton and Porirua.

It allowed parents to work through disputes without the time pressures imposed by the court system. Children took part in only 6% of the cases.

Judge Peter Boshier says that if the system is to be introduced, it must be made absolutely clear that agreements reached through mediation will be final and legally binding.

He says he hopes people will be encouraged to take part by the fact that a judge is not presiding over the case.

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Steve Bayliss
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