Monday, April 23, 2007

Jim Bailey -

Peter, Jeremy, Jimmy-B, Wayne-F and all,

Up on the main website as

We are slowly getting back to the hi hit rate after the delay caused by the upgrade

Recording 16,000+ on Saturday

Having your blog listed at **NZ-Blogs-E-Groups and Websites** should give you a boost

How about considering a list of other helpful internet Media on your site

(LINK) or Go

Can you make it to Napier/Hastings end of July?

Be great to see you there – I am sure we can find you a billet for the week

If you come up via Taupo – Kerry – Jimmy – Jack – Wayne-F, I hope and I will be at the Paalvast’s Monday 23-July on the way

Onward in Coalition – Jim Bailey – JimBWarrior

Founder -

Join our E-Group -

Opt-In -/- Opt Out -/- OPTION - (LINK)

Get serious or get out

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Yes Jim I will be attending the intended action in the end of July in the Hawkes Bay region .

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