Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Scotland Let's make children the centre of our universe

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Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 08:45:31 +0100 (BST)
Subject: [IMO/FFI] Let’s make children the centre of our universe

We have had to comment on major newspapers sites under
a name which does not include MEN.
The tragedy is that the national newspapers are so
anti male that any sign that a group promotes male
issues is immediately censored.

We are managing to get comment in the press under the
LJPR name.


Let’s make children the centre of our universe

west coast on 8:37am today

In Scotland children ARE at the centre of the universe
for the MOBSTERS controlling our courts.As our group
well know Scotlands fascist abuses of children ,and we
have many members who have seen the horrors of what is
going on ,instigated by legal despots who gain
financially from destroying a childs formative years.

Scotlands nuclear family has NEVER been under more
threat than from tyrannical decisions leaving many
thousands of our kids psychologically damaged by the
failures to ensure a childs sensitivities are
respected and protected.

Our group have years of experience watching the mob
taking control of the interactions between parent and
child and manipulating that to their ENORMOUS
financial advantage.To be in the middle of this mind
game makes you realise the political mobsters have
DONE nothing to stop this but encouraged the brutal
treatment of children that would include dawn raids
that is in the same league as Gestapo raids.We are
being dehumanized by propaganda that suggests this is
RIGHT .It is seriously WRONG to see the cruelty
inflicted on many children caught up in secretive
civil/family courts.

We need urgently to open the secret star chamber
courts to the utmost scutiny that will show it is
being run by MONSTERS with little concern for the
enormous harm our children endure when caught up in
asset stripping campaigns that children become part
of.It is SICK and despicable what is going on right at
the heart of Scotland .

We have NOTHING to smile about and we still do not
hear ANYTHING from the politicians asking for our vote
who have masses of evidence to show they have all
turned a blind eye to the atrocious behaviour of ALL
agencies attached to the child theft network operating
in Scotland at this time.

That our groups will continue to expose for ALL the
children of Scotland to be released from the sadists
lining their pockets at the utter expense of our
childrens spiritual and mental welfare.
We are creating a future generation of children living
in fear of a STATE machine that can withdraw at a
stroke the inter relationship with large swathes of
their family and most importantly their father who has
always been the strength in the family to protect
children from the utter abuses of a state rendering
machine .This a devious sinister shadow government
that is using extremes of psychology to try and turn
our kids into malleable weakened entities for the
STATE mobsters.


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