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Good News From Canada .

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Justice Clement Gascon Quebec Superior court gave men’s case blessing to proceed.

On April 19, 2007 Justice Clement Gascon granted Mr Braunschweiler and Mr Levy’s motion for extension of schedule in case 500-17-027874- 059 Braunschweiler and Levy (Plaintiffs) VS. Barreau Du Quebec, Attorney general of Quebec and Revenue Quebec (Respondents) .

It is fitting that as the 10 year anniversary of the feminist manipulation of the Canadian Divorce Act as of May 1997 our trial of that corruption of our administration of justice by feminists will finally be going to trial, thanks to the Honourable Justice Clement Gascon very good understanding of law.

This trial will expose the subversion by lawyers of our most fundamental principals of justice in Canada, the independence of the legislative, practise and judiciary sections of our administration of justice, the fundamental foundation of our legal system.

Yes next month is going to be the tenth anniversary since the Canadian Divorce Act was changed by the Liberal government at the feminist request and for reasons of enrichment for the Liberal party of Canada and to the detriment of divorced men and children of Canada.

Did the change of May 1997 to the Canadian Divorce Act have any beneficial effect for the divorced family unit?

Well considering the Liberal Party under the new Liberal leader Stephane Dion has circulated radio announcement claiming 80% of single moms live in poverty and Mr Dion knows how to fix the problem shows the Liberals again sucking in the feminists agenda as if still being manipulated by feminists forces, (from Quebec university of Laval feminist studies possibly).

Has child poverty been reduced in single parent families in Canada, since 1997 changes of the divorce act?

Well Liza Frullia as Canada’s social development Minister spent hundreds of millions of dollars of our tax money over ten years claiming to be fighting child poverty but in fact the money was squandered by women’s groups and very little of the money ever reached children in poverty or made any significant positive changes to our children’s problems within the divorced family unit.

What percentages of cases now go to court for litigation compared to before May 7, 1997?

We see no changes in the rate of cases and/or reductions in litigation since May 1997 and in fact the child support guide lines have been improperly used and abused throughout the courts in Canada by lawyers championing the feminist agenda.

The new and improved divorce laws of 1997 is in fact obligating non-custodial parents into a never ending return to court for any changes of income up or down. In Quebec we see even Revenue Quebec has benefited from May 1997 changes and now has an army of over 100 feminist lawyers willing to
subvert the law and manipulate justice to preserve the lie. It’s called reworking of cases for child support changes as the parental incomes go up or down, rather than basing child support on a base 40 hrs standard work week that is the real obligations of reasonable social limits had the relationship continued.

It is clear that non custodial parents, mostly men are still treated unfairly within the system and case file 500-17-027874- 059 will finally show the public how a handful of feminist lawyers can subvert the administration of justice and deprive the people of Canada our fundamental rights of justice when considering family matters, weather civil law or youth protection the administration of justice must respect the Canadian Constitution.

No one can be deprived of a fundamental right as a parent unless within the fundamental principals of justice thus clearly independence of the legislative, practise and judiciary sections of our administration of justice is part and parcel of fundamental principals of justice.

We will see now if the Defendant (Feminists government lawyers) wish to spend more of our tax dollars to appeal the Honourable Justice Clement Gascon judgement, because we are now one step into court to exposing the corruptions and we are of the opinion the court now wants to see our case, the government and Barreau du Quebec lawyers don’t.

Stay tune for the case of the century Canadian feminist legalist corruption 101, coming soon to a Quebec Superior Court.

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