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Judge Boshier rejects to meet with d4j

As a member of the Fathers' Coalition that met with Families Commissioner - Dr Rajen Prasad QSO , and six other Commissioners on 21 st February 2007 I am sickened that the pious and corrupt Boshier will not meet with us !

He is full of meaningless crap and he has a real cheek when he foolishly talks piously of the " caring court ".
I wanted to tell the spineless cretin to shove his corrupt caring court up his smelly lying arse .
I wanted to let him hear the roar of pain that his deluded piety has caused my family !!

What else would I expect under a feminazi hateful and bias regime !

He should be named the Kanagroo Court kid !!

Judge rejects commission request to meet fathers

New Zealand news on | The Dominion Post | By ANNA CHALMERS - Monday, 12 March 2007

Principal Family Court Judge Peter Boshier has rejected a request from the Families Commission to meet protesting fathers.

He said the Family Court was not a political body that could negotiate. It upheld the law on behalf of all New Zealanders, and people unhappy with its decisions could seek to appeal against them.

His rebuke follows a call from chief commissioner Rajen Prasad last month for judges to meet the disgruntled fathers, who say the Family Court's rulings are biased. Dr Prasad said at the time that commission members were "really able to really understand what the men's group was saying".

The men's protests made headlines last year when megaphones and placards were used at boisterous rallies outside the homes of lawyers, judges, psychologists and Parliament's Speaker, Margaret Wilson.

After Dr Prasad's offer to broker a deal, the Fathers Coalition "suspended" a protest planned for last month outside Judge Patrick Mahony's Wellington property.

The commission said it would continue to meet the fathers' group.

Judge Boshier said he had not been contacted directly by the commission about the meeting. "If people are concerned about the law or the way the system operates, the appropriate forum for change is Parliament. The Families Commission may be a channel for those views but it is not a role that the court can undertake."

He said he would continue to meet bodies like the commission "from time to time" as an opportunity to be updated on issues of public concern and improving the court's administrative efficiency.

"These meetings are a useful dialogue but they are not a means to influence how the court decides the outcome of cases."

The Fathers Coalition did not want to comment on the court's decision till it had heard from the commission.

5 more years to go for the Peter Boshier chap – Portrait of a gender racist NZ Principal Family Court Judge

Judge Peter Boshier is the Principal Family Court Judge of New Zealand and was appointed to that role on 12 March 2004. It is an appointment for a term of 8 years.

Judge Boshier was born in Gisborne in 1952 and was educated at Gisborne Boys High School and then Victoria University of Wellington where he graduated in 1975 with the degree of LLB (Hons). He joined the Wellington firm of Macalister Mazengarb Parkin & Rose as a law clerk in 1973, became a partner of that firm in 1979 and practised in the areas of criminal, civil, tribunal and family law. He was a council member of the Wellington District Law Society in 1987 and was appointed as a District Court Judge to Auckland in April 1988. His designated areas of specialisation were Family and Youth Courts.

In 1993, Judge Boshier completed a Committee Report reviewing the Family Court. A number of changes to the practice were suggested and have been implemented, over the years. Some of that report’s recommendations feature in the Law Commission’s “Dispute Resolution in the Family Court” Report No. 82 published in March 2003.

Judge Boshier has long had an interest in Pacific youth justice and in child offenders. In 1999, he wrote, at the request of the then Principal Youth Court Judge David Carruthers, a Child Offenders Manual, giving a practical guide to successful intervention with child offenders. Since then, he has taught extensively in this area of the law.

In July 2002, he was seconded by the New Zealand Government to join the Pacific Judicial Education Programme based in Suva and teaching law to judicial officers of the Pacific. In 2003 he attended the University of the South Pacific and completed a graduate certificate in tertiary teaching.

Upon his return to New Zealand he was appointed to his present position and has a commitment to working with Government to continue to reform the Family Court so that its processes provide efficient and economic access to justice.

In October 2006 Judge Boshier was charitably nominated by the New Zealand Listener, as being in the top fifty outstanding New Zealanders.

" Its better to be defeated on principle than to win on lies." -Arthur Calwell

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