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ANZAC & the sad PAS day 25th April 2007.

Parental Alienation = is child abuse .We must stop it now !!

1. Alienating behaviours are often found in high conflict divorce and custody situations.

2. These behaviours, such as speaking negatively about a parent to, or in front of, a child, interfering with communication and visitation, and discussing inappropriate information with a child, such as details of the marriage, divorce, or court proceedings, can damage or destroy the bond between a loving parent and child.

3.Parental Alienation involves taking advantage of the suggestibility and dependency of children with the sole purpose of destroying a loving and warm relationship they once shared with a parent.

4.The most common symptom of children affected by Parental Alienation is their
severe opposition to, or fear of, contact with one parent when there is no justifiable cause to explain the child's behaviour.

5.Parental Alienation deprives children of their right to love and be loved by both

6.Parental Alienation is considered a form of child abuse as the alienating tactics
used on the children are confusing, frightening, and rob children of their sense of

7.Professionals agree that the problem of Parental Alienation exists and is damaging
to children and can affect them into adulthood with tragic consequences.

8.In 1994, more than 2.4 million North Americans were divorced, including the parents of more than one million children under the age of eighteen, with nearly as many unmarried couples with children separating.

9. With awareness comes education and understanding, and the power to stop the abuse of innocent children caught in the crossfire of the people they love.

We must stop this PAS for the of the CHILDREN .

Parental Alienation Day
Tomorrow, 25 April 2007, is International Parental Alienation Day Day.

“Parental Alienation behaviours are behaviours done by a 3rd party, which interfere with the normal parent-child relationship. These behaviours may be done by the other parent, extended family, courts, or social services. They may include such behaviours as speaking negatively to or about a parent in front of the child, interfering with communication and visitation, and sharing inappropriate information with the child.”

There are few cases that I am aware of where Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS), or Hostile Aggressive Parenting was not a feature in the breakdown of family relationships, and the involvement of the Family Court almost guarantees that PAS will not only be present, but will be a part of one parent’s strategy of “winning” the children, family home and child support.

There is now a vast amount of research into PAS and its destructive consequences, but with the exception of very few cases, Jayden Headley springs to mind, the Courts and associated “professionals” have ignored the pleas of the alienated parent, and in some cases the children.

The reality is that few judges accept PAS as a form of child abuse, and in most cases the abuser is rewarded with full custody of the affected child. Likewise, Court appointed psychologists, despite being trained in the field of psychology, either don’t accept PAS as an abuse, are unable to link developing behaviours in affected children with PAS, or simply don’t listen or report on allegations or descriptions of PAS.

Over the years there has been the development of a network of affected parents, researchers, consultant social workers, doctors and others to bring about awareness of PAS and encourage the courts and associated professionals to take the behaviour and tragic results seriously. There is no doubt that PAS is child abuse, and therefore the Courts must be encouraged to intervene as soon as possible.
Parental Alienation Day is a time to bring about awareness of PAS, and to reflect on the millions of effected children and parents internationally.

Campaigners in the US have initiated a Petition to the United Nations 1503 Human Rights committee. The Petition reads;
“I/we the undersigned call on the 1503 Committee to investigate this systematic destruction of the rights of children and families by states and government agencies throughout the industrialised world”.

The Petition can be found here.
Many may question the ability and commitment of the United Nations to address such an issue, but the Human Rights Committee’s recent slamming of the New Zealand Family Court is very encouraging. Read NZ Herald report.
Information about the International Parent Alienation Day can be found here.

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