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Petition To The UN :In the Interests' Of Children.

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Dear Friends, on behalf of the “In The Interests' Of Children” tm Campaign Team (http://www.un1503petition.com ), we bring you this short news bulletin:-

International Parental Alienation Awareness Day Wed 25th-April-2007

Today Wed-25th-April-2007 marks International Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) Awareness Day. Although many of you may be familiar with PAS, there are still many others who are not aware of its existence and the impact it has on our children’s lives until it hits you.

PAS id defined by its founder Dr Richard A Gardner (1985) http://www.rgardner.com/refs/ as:-

“The parental alienation syndrome (PAS) is a childhood disorder that arises almost exclusively in the context of child-custody disputes. Its primary manifestation is the child’s campaign of denigration against a parent, a campaign that has no justification. It results from the combination of a programming (brainwashing) parent’s indoctrinations and the child’s own contributions to the vilification of the target parent. When true parental abuse and/or neglect is present, the child’s animosity may be justified and so the parental alienation syndrome explanation for the child’s hostility is not applicable.”

The UN1503 campaign clearly recognises PAS, PAS is real, it exists, but sadly many of the often ulterior motivated Govts and often State authorities do not want to acknowledge the existence of PAS and/or its impact to our children. Most Governments’ stance can be summed up by the following quote:

'the professionals involved were ready to accept the excuses of the primary carer and abuser' - and - 'too often it seemed that too much time was spent deferring to the needs of the resident parent and not enough time spent on protecting vulnerable and defenceless children'.

You can learn more about PAS and counteracting the effects PAS (see ref Dr Lowenstein, New PAS Publication) by visiting the links on the campaign website.

Petition In Different Languages

Coming soon… we will be making available the petition in different languages, starting with Finnish, Spanish, French, German etc… Please contact us if you are able to help translate the petition (http://www.un1503petition.com ) into your native language for the campaign….

We Need *YOUR* Help !

Since the inauguration of the campaign website on 5th-Nov-2006 (Guy Fawkes Gunpowder plot – United Kingdom), we are currently at over 700 signatories from all parts of the industrialised World, to date we have support from and including:-

Geneva, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Chile, France, Serbia, Trinidad, Germany, Japan, Sweden, UK, Mexico, Spain, New Zealand, Greece, Ireland, Finland, Scotland, Argentina, Wales, Brazil and Australia…

In order to trigger the United Nations 1503 committee to launch an investigation to the widespread and systematic abuses against OUR CHILDREN, WE NEED many more UNIQUE signatures. Please continue to ask friends, family, work colleagues, grandparents… to sign the petition, for the sake of our children and future generations to come, every signature counts, and REMEMBER this is YOUR battle as much as it is ours. Don’t forget that paper versions of the petition can also be downloaded from the campaign website.

With the kindest of regards on behalf of,

In The Interests' Of Children ™

UN 1503 Campaign Team


Email: info@un1503petition.com

ps. Please feel free to pass this email to others..

Every act is a boomerang . Do kind ones and sign the petition 4 our children.
In solidarity -4 the kids -d4j

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