Sunday, November 4, 2007

Being a bloke : SST Survey

The Sunday Star-Times is doing a feature on men. In preparation, they are undertaking a survey. You may like to participate.

Being a bloke: The survey

Sunday Star Times | Friday, 2 November 2007

From Sunday, we're surveying the men of New Zealand.

The survey is about the state of bloke-hood in New Zealand. It looks at attitudes, values and gender stereotypes, relationships, sex and intimacy, social status and health. Those who complete the survey will be in to win one of 50 subscriptions to these magazines. More importantly, you will be helping us gauge the state of men around the country, good, bad and indifferent. Results will be published in the Sunday Star-Times starting on
18th November.

Please complete the survey from Sunday - come back here first thing on Sunday and click through to the survey site. You are welcome to exercise your right to silence if you would prefer not to answer some of these questions. However, please answer every question you can: the more answers we get the more robust the results will be.
Please answer this questionnaire if you are a male aged 16 years of age or older. Only men aged 16 or over are eligible to win the draw. Your answers will be treated in confidence by Phoenix Research, the independent Research Company we have commissioned to do this survey.
Phoenix will combine your answers with those of others and only ever show results as statistics. No individual answers will be identified. For most questions we just ask you to choose a single answer. Some questions enable you to represent your views by choosing more than one answer: you will see this when you get to these questions.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to the Sunday Star Times feature article on Peter Burns!!!

What kind of man are you? A Hagley Park toilet cleaner? A kiddie fiddler?

dad4justice said...

I get hundreds of these malicious anonymous comments a week . Helen Clark's crew are nothing more than diseased sewer rats .James Sleep is Mr Beyers boy playthingy !!!

The communist creeps are the reason why New Zealand is viewed as the laughing stock of the world @!!