Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Don't Tase Me, Babe !

November 13th, 2007
Don’t Tase Me, Babe!
by Marc H. Rudov

Presumptive Predators

In case you didn’t know, October was “Domestic Violence Awareness Month,” during which Americans were startled to learn that women are just as likely as men to commit domestic violence. Mention this at a party, and you’ll find yourself standing alone at the punchbowl for the rest of the night: people just don’t want to hear it. Sugar and spice, remember?

Because of VAWA (Violence Against Women Act), American men are presumptively and, therefore, unconstitutionally tagged as predators. Men must face a feminist justice system of proving innocence, instead of being protected by the US Constitution, which requires prosecutors to prove guilt. They have Senator Joseph Biden (D-DE) to thank for this -- just ask the three exonerated lacrosse players from Duke University. And, what happened to Crystal Gail Mangum, the woman who was protected by an unconstitutional rape-shield law after she falsely accused them of rape? The same thing that happens to all fraudulent rape accusers: nothing. What do the feminist presidential candidates (Hillary and the men) have to say about this: nothing. How many of you men in Delaware will reelect Joe Biden?

The misandrist climate doesn’t end there. Because of IMBRA, the unconstitutional law that Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS) sponsored, American men are considered dangerous to foreign women. That’s right, foreign women in foreign countries now have more American rights than American men living in America. Because of IMBRA, foreign women now have the power to demand unilateral background checks on American men before dating them. Worse, they can do whatever they want with this confidential information. How many of you men in Kansas will reelect Sam Brownback?

The Shocking Truth

Enter the “Taser for ladies,” available in metallic pink for $350 from Taser International, Inc., in Scottsdale, AZ. A news item on Fox News described the latest fad: women having Taser parties, redolent of Tupperware parties, where they get each other to purchase these weapons. Do women sometimes find themselves in dangerous situations where they need protection? Absolutely. Because of VAWA, do women have the potential to fraudently use Tasers, with impunity -- in arguments, in rages, out of jealousy, for spite, in revenge, etc. -- to commit legal assault and battery on innocent men? You bet they do!

A Taser purchaser must register with and get approval from the company. What about training, though? If she uses it, where on a man’s body will she aim it? Is she liable for any harm to him? Is she obligated to get him medical attention? According to the company Website: TASER® energy weapons are not considered firearms — they’re legal to carry in most states without permits (including California). They are restricted from citizen use in MA, RI, NY, NJ, WI, MI, HI, IL, and certain cities and counties. According to a German consultant to the company, Tasers, as consumer products, are currently illegal in Europe.

If Taser weapons are not considered firearms, what are they considered? This presents yet another challenge to our hypocritical, gynocratic “legal” system. I don’t know what Tasers are considered, but I can guess: in the name of protecting women -- translation: getting the female vote -- our male legislators and judges will ignore the issue until men force them to deal with it. This is the shocking truth, folks.

Here’s a scenario to ponder: If a maniacal wife attacks her husband, as so often happens, and he tases her, what do you suppose would happen to him? Ha! How many lawyers would it take to defend him, to “prove his innocence”? Not to mention being pilloried by the media as a wimp (when a woman attacks a man, it is just emotion; let it go).

The NoNonsense Bottom Line

I counsel every man to ask a new paramour, before becoming sexually involved with her, about: her use of birth control, her willingness to terminate an accidental pregnancy, and her carriage of STDs. Now, there is a new question to add: Do you own a Taser? If she does, and logic and perspective don’t appear to be her strongsuits, stay far, far away from her.

Remember Biden & Brownback: they have convinced their Senate and House colleagues to give women the preponderance of civil and criminal rights. They are responsible for creating the Department of Justice’s unconstitutional Office on Violence Against Women. And, they will be responsible for women indiscriminantly tasing men.

There are many things you might want to say during a romantic evening gone badly, but the last one is: “Don’t tase me, babe!”


Anonymous said...

Talk to us about domestic violence.

Anonymous said...

Nov 14th, 2007 at 2:47 pm

I can’t think of a name right now, but I reckon Dad4Justice would make a fine shadow minister for women’s affairs. Hell, he’s even got the political experience:


Anonymous said...

Have you ever been tasered PETER BURNS?

Anonymous said...

"There are many things you might want to say during a romantic evening gone badly"

Tell us about a romantic evening you've had recently.

dad4justice said...

I enjoy many romantic evenings and when you put a name to your anonymous comment I will give you all the titillating details ?

Anonymous said...

There are many things you might want to say during a romantic evening gone badly, but the last one is: “I'm off to Hagley Park".

dad4justice said...

What is your fixation with Hagley Park ?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you can tell us Peter Burns? What is your fixation with Hagley Park?

Anonymous said...

Hey Dad have you met Tane Wilton and his mate Sam Dixon and their mates Robinsodomy???

dad4justice said...

Christopher Ian Truscott has absconded from care four times since he was ordered to be detained under Section 79 of the Health Act and on one occasion he was found back at the well-known gay haunt in central Hagley Park, admitting to police he had oral sex with two men.

May I suggest it was more than two men and one couldn't help notice a certain high profile employee of the Christchurch School of Medicine strolling the park day after day .Needless to say he frequented the toilet where the poor unfortunate mental case - Truscott lurked. Check the dates . Find the truth . Really Peter ?

Anonymous said...

Cacofinix, are you renting an office,, or a blowup doll???

dad4justice said...

The reference to cacofinix is from some childish keyboard coward who goes by the name hinamanu on kiwiblog .This immature idiot thinks he is clever but the kiwiblog audience tire of this imbeciles deluded ego and constant dribble and his rather odd fixation with tracking me . These anonymous critics are so laughable as the witches, weirdos, weaklings and wackos are just part of the marxist matriarchy. Hinamoo - I feel for you , I mean to say , it must be sooooo frustrating being a bleeding heart -liberal on the payroll for the Auntie Helen eunuch club ? Poor hinamoo, what a tug muscle of the highest order . Do come back and comment again when you reveal your real name Miss MOO !! What a twisted coward and PLEASE stick to reading comic's you silly git . What a knucklehead tunnel support , really "blow up doll " , I mean how original , yawn , yawn . Are all my critics like you , that is, mundane and thick ??