Friday, November 9, 2007

"The Children of Children " Rock opera

Those of you who have been on our list for a long time are aware that "The Children of Children" Rock Opera was written to address the problems of divorce for both parents and children. It is the story of one father's struggle to remain relevant in the lives of his children.

MadMen & Dreamers

You also know that we have been invited to Australia to perform "The Children of Children" in an effort to help a growing grass-roots movement to change the way divorce is handled by the courts and related authorities.

Currently, 3 fathers a day kill themselves in Australia because they can't stand the pain of being unjustifiably wrenched out of the lives of their children. That's 1095 fathers every year. The current laws causing this outrage have been in place since 1975. That's 40,515 fathers ago. More than Australia lost in World War 2.

On Friday, November 9th in Sydney there is the Australian "9/11" primal scream Media Event led by everyday little Aussie battler Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Children & Families having the commitment, courage, compassion and integrity for change.

We are showing our solidarity and support by broadcasting this good news world-wide. The band Madmen & Dreamers has been feeling Australia 's pain for a long time. We compared the failure and unwillingness of both the New Zealand, US and Australian governments to produce any real changes.

We got to know organizations like the Children's Rights Council who also join the growing groundswell chorus that is an emerging positive Creativity Renaissance Movement for our Children~Parents~Families worldwide.

Australia ' QUESTion ~ "WHAT IS HAPPENING TO OUR CHILDREN???" ~ is echoing around our Global Village. Every two minutes one of Australia 's precious Children is reported abused . That means every two minutes a part of mankind's collective future dies. For every Child stuffed into a suitcase dead by a disturbed parent , how many go unnoticed and unaided? How many will pass this horror on to Children of their own?

Every Child has a right to both parents. Every reasonable parent has the right to be a parent. Every mother an involved mother, every father an involved father. How many studies does it take before governments finally realize that Children need both parents? When will it dawn on them that's why parents come in pairs?

Parental Alienation/Exclusion/Vilification, whether it be by parental interference or by court order, destroys families already battered by divorce or separation. That's why we wrote "The Children of Children"--to show the cost (in Australia alone over $30 Billion a year) and destructive dangers within this abuse. It echoes as an epidemic dis-ease through the lives of our Children. That's why we are coming to Australia in July 08 to perform at the International CREATIVITY SUMMIT for Children~ Parents~Families in the beautiful Newcastle Region of NSW Australia .

The problem is world-wide. Australia being "ground-zero".

We are joining the likes of:

the Honourable Ann Bressington , Independent Upper House MP, South Australia, who is an outspoken champion of Children and Human Justice Rights. She has a 5 year old son, Tyrone;

Carole Johnson , Gold Coast Qld based and originally from New York City, she is an internationally recognised Aussie choreographer, dancer, educator and writer who founded/directed the worldwide acclaimed Bangarra Dance Theatre {opened and closed the Sydney 2000 Olympics} and founded/directed the peak body Aboriginal performing arts college NAISDA ~

Emilie Ades, won a 2007 Australian Artist of the Year Award as an enterprising performance artist with her own successful Children's Theatre ~ ~ and is part of the visionary 'tomorrow' Creativity Campus in Newcastle NSW with the Bohemian Love Theatre and Lovelorn Living Theatre company of some 200 young people recently showcased on ABC TV.

Karla Lee ~ ~ is a 34 years young Sydney author, educator, performing artist and mother of two cherubs ~ Faith 2.5 yrs and Hope 4 mths. Endorsed publicly when launching her books at Sydney Parliament House by Barbara Holborow OAM former Chief Magistrate of the NSW Children's Courts who said "Karla has captured the answers to help so many Children and Parents when separation or divorce occurs." She has appeared on TV ~ A Current Affair; The Today Show; Mornings with Kerri-Ann; Catch Up: Radio 2GB, 2UE, ABC, 2BL and Alice Springs : many Newspaper & Magazine articles: and now inroads with New York City USA .

And we wholeheartedly support Edward Dabrowski as an Independent Senate candidate who is the Host for this "9/11" Media Event and is coming from Bunbury Western Australia with ONE QUESTion within his MANifesto for the Federal Elections ~



Senior Engineer at BHP Billiton, Australia's biggest Company;
volunteer National Director, Children's Rights Council ~ ~ and Shared Parenting Council of Australia ~ ~ volunteer Development Director & CommUNITY Web Master on the International CREATIVITY SUMMIT for Children~Parents~Families ...held in the beautiful Newcastle Region 11-13 July '08;
Custodian/Steward with his daughter Zosia 11 and son Josef 9 of the Balingup Acres Seed Farm and the Children's Mother Earth Gardens Project; volunteer co+CEO of the "Lady Liberty ground zero Creativity Center", New York City, USA.

Independent Senate Candidate, Bunbury , Western Australia .

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