Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christchurch EFB March.

Christchurch Electoral Finance Bill March.

I was pleased with being part of the March and thank John for his committed passion as he has the best interests of the country in his heart. I was most impressed with Forbes Taylor, 76, Korean War Veteran who was wearing his medals against the draconian bill from a twisted sister Prime Minister. Forbes went onto the stage and stood beside John who impressed as a very articulate speaker. He handed me his sign, which I was privileged to hold. It read;




To quote Forbes “ I’m just so angry at attempts by this government to muzzle opposition and media from doing their jobs during election year.”

The other highlight for me was the words spoken by the academic from Canterbury University. He spoke extensively about the corrupt signal this sends to the International community, that is, it is a clear breach to constitutional justice. His analogy about Helen Clark dealing from a marked deck of cards was priceless, however his message has raised concerns that country is on the verge of a full-scale assault on freedom of expression.

I believe school children in the future will spend a whole year studying in social study classes all about the damage the Helen Clark government inflicted upon its constituents. She is a walking time bomb of insanity.

Chuck Bird my friend from Auckland writes on kiwiblog about why I assisted in setting up a table and collected signatures against the social engineering nanny state government. Many people signed and many people spoke about their extreme dissatisfaction with a blatantly corrupt bunch of political criminals.

Chuck said on kiwiblog

Kill two birds with one stone.

I will be collecting signatures calling for a referendum to repeal or amend Bradford’s and Clark’s anti smacking legislation.

If any one wishes to help contact Unity for Liberty

or download a form and bring it along to the march.

The two issues are very much related. The Clark government will not listen to the people. It is also a concern that the EFB may make it very difficult to collect signatures in public.

We have over 230,000 signatures now so we need less the 70,000 to make the required 300,000.

Clark will not want to be answering questions in a leader’s debate as to what she will do if 80% of the public at election time indicate that want the anti smacking legislation amended or repealed.


Andy Moore said...

It's a small world mate! I have heard of Chuck Bird, he is regularly gathering signatures up in Papakura, Auckland.

Good to see you at the march yesterday mate.

Anonymous said...

# hinamanu Says:
November 29th, 2007 at 4:55 pm

“Noone likes a troll hinamanu”

From you David, I live and learn.

I think I’ve finally silenced Cacofinix.
he gave me his terms of surrender today.

if he keeps his word I will be appeased

If not I will never let him rest again,,,,, forever.

dad4justice said...

I surrender to no one you fool .