Saturday, November 24, 2007

Case of Sex With Minor Sends Disturbing Message

25 November 2007
Case of Sex With Minor Sends Disturbing Message

Family First NZ is shocked and disgusted with CYF and Police after failing to prosecute a 21 year old who admitted having sex with a girl under the age of 12.

“It seems incredible that the police did not press charges on a case which borders on sexual abuse,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. “The crime has been admitted and the suggestion is that the sexual activity began when the girl was only 11.”

“It is also unbelievable that CYF have not pressured the police to lay charges, have removed the child from the family home, yet according to media reports is still allowing the boyfriend to have supervised access.”

“This case sends all the wrong messages to young girls, and to older guys. Family First totally supports Rape Crisis’ opposition to the treatment of this case.”

“At a time when we are trying to send clear messages about rape, sexual assaults, and underage sex, this case flies in the face of all the advice we are trying to give young people. There is a clear imbalance of power between an 11 year old and a 20 year old and the law recognises this.”

“That’s why the penalty for this type of action carries a maximum prison term of 14 years. This is a serious crime.”

“The failure to prosecute suggests that this law is not being applied, and young girls are not being given the protection they need.”


The correct charge is twisted police ; Sexual Violation and Unlawful Sexual Connection with a Child under the age 17 years . If anyone cared , since when do police use the Crimes Act when it is contrary to one of Helen Clark's depraved ideology's', that is , to liberalize New Zealand, so it becomes the selfish utopian dyke Capital of the South Pacific . Children don't matter to Miss Clark , just read the appalling kiwi kids child abuse statistic's . Helen what a sicko job you have done to the sad and confused vulnerable children of New Zealand .


Anonymous said...

"The correct charge is ... Sexual Violation and Unlawful Sexual Connection with a Child under the age 17 years "

Is that what you were in jail for?

dad4justice said...

Please stop this James Sleep !!

Anonymous said...

Roger Nome sends his best regards :)

anonymous said...

I am a man and a long and very strong advocate against all forms of violence towards any one. I live is Sydney, and My wife who works in retail has a problem with alcohol and has consistently & relentlessly and seriously assaulted me with domestic violence for years, and she has ruined me career wise, my social life and financially - various relevant professionals I have sought help from have emphatically told me I have comprehensively experienced domestic violence for years in numerous forms. Subsequent to this extensive counseling I finally gained the courage to get a police patrol to control her on one occasion in the hope this would "wake her up". As a result I!!! got evicted immediately and was sent a (standard?) letter from the police effectively strongly stating that I!!! had better stop perpetrating domestic violence, with threatening overtones directed at me. I have never had anything whatsoever to do with the police before this. I have lost all faith in the system and will NEVER EVER trust authorities again. A criminal lawyer associate with 25 years experience tells me this type of thing happens all the time to males. Then I came across an Australian study that says false allegations by males of DV is a myth!!!! (I am sure some is) It is never as easy as "just leave her". I wonder if this might be one reason why the male suicide rate is so high. Does anybody out there actually care about this ?????