Thursday, November 15, 2007

Kill the bill !!

For those that don’t understand me I’ll direct a post which should clarify the compassion and commitment I have for the country of New Zealand.

I cannot believe the despicable tactics employed at present by this government who are, hell bent on endorsing this unfair EFB, which is just the draconian manacling of freedom of expression. Labour like the control and fear factor elements, as it’s all about political power to them. Liarbour Lickspittles are a bunch of sinister manipulating rort master imbeciles without a moral conscience.

This morning I posted a few thoughts on the EFB on kiwiblog ;

All this talk of election money in a country with appalling child abuse statistics, oh well in New Zealand politicians and their parasitic methods are more important than kiwi kids!

Anyway back to topic, draconian law that challenges freedom of expression!!! Do recent wealthy immigrants provide Labour with ample funding at election time? Ouch, so to stop disclosure of how widespread this practice is, the twisted Clark arranges things by changing procedure and law! Parties will be able to receive donations of up to $9999 from people without disclosing their identity publicly? Why don’t Liarbore just make it law and met all immigrants at the airport and tell them entry has red strings attached – they must vote for the mad Hellion!!

Or we could import slaves, just like the former Labour Minister did? This country is a cot case political cess –pit!

Proud to be a kiwi - no wonder George laughed at the maggot pack .

Craig R Says:
November 16th, 2007 at 7:21 am

dad4justice wrote:

"All this talk of election money in a country with appalling child abuse statistics, oh well in New Zealand politicians and their parasitic methods are more important than kiwi kids!"

D4J: I’m going to say exactly the same thing I say to lefty trolls who bitch and whinge that DPF doesn’t talk about X. It’s his blog, and he can talk (or not) about whatever he like, and if you don’t like it why don’t you start your own blog?

And pretty creepy drive-by to even imply DPF doesn’t care about child abuse.

dad4justice Says:
November 16th, 2007 at 7:29 am

No Craig, I did mean to imply that David does not care about child abuse. My point was trying to reflect on the huge waste of government time and expenditure regarding this pointless EFB fiasco. Just imagine if the powers that run this country could generate the same amount of enthusiasms shown over this rort and try and help eradicate a problem that is a sad reflection on kiwi society. No offence was intended or directed to the blog owner.

I cannot emphasis how much this proposed legislation from Labour could affect the whole freedom of thought patterns and freedom of expression flowing down the gurgler forever? The abuse of fundamental principles and basic Human Rights issues surrounding this bill are alarming and too monumental in proportion not to be ignored . This farcical fiasco of deception has the potential to cause more confusing catastrophic ripples for the bewildered constituent’s who are still struggling to cope with the grey area smacking law . The legal precedence that will be set if this bill is made law will be contrary to a balanced democracy and against all protections contained in both the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and New Zealand Bill of Rights. I think the judiciary has the moral obligation to alert Miss Klark that she is ignoring clearly charted rights of human dignity !!

I urge all to help stop this bill in its tracks, as it is just stealth corruption from Helen Clark.

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