Monday, November 26, 2007

UK -An appeal to persons to consider registering as conscientous objectors .

An appeal to persons ' to consider registering as Conscientious Objectors'.
Sunday 24 November 2007

By Jack Frost Author " The Gulag Of The Family Courts"

Some of you might recall a few weeks ago, I publicised the plight of an elderly couple, both pensioners from Dorset, who were sentenced to 20 months imprisonment ';in Nottingham, for staying in contact with their grandson who was in Care'. That is all they had done. They did not sell drugs, use violence against persons or engage in paediophilia. Quite simply, all they did was respond to a plea for help from their 15 year old grandson. The grandson had informed them that he was being abused in Care.

The grandparents, both pensioners stayed in contact by post and telephone, with the boy who is in council Care. The boy has no other relatives and lived in Nottingham untill he was taken into Care about 4 years ago, when his mother died. He is now somewhere in a Care, in the Nottingham area.

For their pains, to stop the boy having his serious complaints taken seriously, for keeping in touch with their grandson; each was sentenced on 26 October 2007, to 20 months imprisonment. The judge, whose name the public should be shouting from the roof tops, if you hadn't already guessed, is claiming 'secrecy'. So remains unidemtified, for the moment.

This particular judge who wishes to work in the shadows, like the rest of the Guligans, must have had a mild attack of contrition, because the grandmother's sentence of 20 months imprisonment, was suspended. However, the 71 year old grandfather was immediately taken to Nottingham Prison on 26 October 2006. And there he will remain for the next 20 months.The 71 year old suffers from a heart condition and was one of only 2 carers for his 93 year old mother, in Dorset.

Meanwhile, today, the Labour Government headed by Gordon Brown, has once again announced that ' 10,000 convicted criminals are to be released early from the UK prisons, because of a lack of space'. Quite obviouisly, there is plenty of space for UK born pensioners, but not enough space for violent & sexual criminals, some of whom are likely to be illegal immigrants. Remember this is Labour Party policy.

What I also discovered, was that when the press contacted Nottingham Court, to make arrangements to cover the committal proceedings of the 26 October, they were informed that the press were banned from attending and reporting the trial. Though a trial to imprison a member of the public MUST be in public, Must be open to reporting by the press & media and Must include the processes and procedures to allow for the observance of the rule of law & transparency; to comply with the democratic principle; justice must be seen to be done'.

I suspect you have guessed; the court was afraid that the sham trial would be exposed and all those involved would be named. Since the Family Court has been using the excuse of secrecy ' to protect the identity of the child in the case' , whilst actually protecting Family Court villainy from exposure, in a number of cases, and in this case, once again, the specious reason would have been exposed.

Now before the case came to court on the 26th October, I circulated an appeal for those who felt that the authorities had turned their backs on us and were going to continue to gag and exclude the press from reporting just what has been happenning in the Family Courts. This followed on from other cases in which persons had been jailed after secret Family Court trials and after the Justice Minister, Harriet Harman MP QC, had admitted in a Parliamentary reply on 13 June 2006, that she was surprised to learn that about 4 persons a week were imprisoned secretly.

I had suggested that the next person who we were informed about, who had been jailed after a secret trial that excluded the press, would result in triggering our response. We would officially announce our disgust and displeasure, by registering as Conscientious Objectors'. This is not to be confused with pacifists who would refuse to serve in the armed forces. But we would refuse to respond to other government appeals and exhortations.For details, see the link below. As an example: It was recently announced that Chris Huhne MP ( a contender for the Liberal Democratic Party, Leadership) and Dame Shirley Williams( Ex Government Minister and now in the House of Lords) had publicly announced that they would be prepared to go to prison, rather than comply with registing their details for the soon to come into force, Identity Card Bill. Well, we are no lesss justified in withdrawing our participation in some government programme, having been victimised by these scecret Family Courts and the Guligans, who have ensured that the press are not allowed to carry out their constitutional role in a democracy.

And so I have to announce that the case of the Dorset pensioners ( above) has now triggered the registering process. I can confirm that many persons have already begun to register as Conscientious Objectors.

The 2 links below provide all the details. Please read carefully and then circulate widely.

All UK citizens, including those abroad, can register.

Please circulate widely



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