Thursday, November 29, 2007

What happens when Children are denied Equal Shared Parenting

What Happens When Children Are Denied Equal Shared Parenting (1)

o Psychological and Health Problems

* Greater Behavioural Problems. Single parent children are 3 to 4 times more likely to have emotional or behavioural problems (2)

* Greater Psychological Problems. 84% of teenagers hospitalised for psychiatric care come from single parent homes (3)

* Higher Suicide Rate. 75% of teenagers who commit suicide are from single parent homes (4)

* More Drug Abuse. Children from father-absent homes are:
twice as likely to use drugs (including alcohol)(5) , and
4.3 times more likely to smoke (6) .

* Greater Frequency of Sleep Disorders. Single parent children have more trouble falling asleep, more nightmares, and night terrors (7)

* More Persistent Feelings Of Betrayal, Rejection, Rage, Guilt, Pain. Father-absent children experience greater levels of these feelings which last for years with a renewed intensity at adolescence (8)

* Lower Self-Esteem. Children from single parent households suffer from lower self-esteem - especially girls (9)

* Child Abuse escalates after the breakdown of a structured and stable family unit (10)


‘In whose interest is it, for the current situation to continue?’

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Anonymous said...

Cacofinix is desperate
Fathers who beat children
Children who are more likely to use drugs and smoke
Children who go into crime
And share your experiences of child abuse , Cacofinix
Structured and stable family unit
No child abuse there

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Hinumanu from kiwiblog is your typical Labour Party activist . I hope the country can see the tactics from such a low life .

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hinamanu - how many children you got ?