Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Islamic dad4justice imposter !!

from peter burns
date Nov 21, 2007 4:50 PM
subject Greetings My Friend of similar name

4:50 PM (18 hours ago)

Greetings friend

Perhaps we have something in common, as Allah (priase be upon him) may will.

You have, I noticed, been posting under my screen name in amny foras,

Maybe you would now desist from this as I am the one true dad4justice,

Peace be upon you.

Abu ben Adam


Anonymous said...

Yes he probably hasn't been to jail either.

dad4justice said...

Are you Islamic ?

Anonymous said...

This is not imposerating, this is the one true dad4justice.

I shall prevail -inshallah- and this impostering kiwi will burn forever in the lakes of fire.

Peace be upon you.

Abu ben Adam

dad4justice said...

Hey Mr Islamic strap on bomb coward do muslim countries have a ministry of womens affairs like we do in New Zealand ?

Anonymous said...

Something I'm sure you'll try to abolish if you get anywhere near parliament you stupid bigot of a fundie Christian dipshit!

Nick C said...

Allah Akbah! (cry of a terrorist just before he detonates his explosives)

Massacre those who Insult Islam!

Death to Isreal and the West!

Jihad, Jihad!

Just a few a the slogans that we see from those who protest in the name of Mohhamed.

And you call D4J a bigoted dipshit just because he doesnt support affirmative action (a.k.a reverse sexism). I suppose you're battle cry is words like: 'tolerance', 'vibrant' and all those other sick words which really mean 'lets bring thousands of people from all around the world into NZ and see what happens.'

Anonymous said...

Who wants to be an imposter like penis tugger Peter Burns? He's a child abuser. Just look at what he threatened to do to 15 year old James Sleep.

dad4justice said...

Oh great stuff, you nameless coward, as your last comment should be at least worth 100, 000 votes to National .

Thank you , please continue Georgina !

Osama Bin Sonic said...

That's fucking hilarious - Robinsod pulling your chain masquerading as a towelhead. Fuck off Robinsod, you gave it away with the 'dipshit'.