Monday, November 12, 2007

Last ditch effort to clear my name

Dam Sian Elias
Head of Supreme Court / Chief Justice
High Court Registry
Molesworth Street

Dear Honourable Madam,

I write in a last ditch effort to try and clear my badly damaged credibility and dignity as a heartbroken father, who has suffered from a considerable travesty of justice.

I have enclosed a recent Court of Appeal document that is frustrating for me, as I have already exhausted my appeal rights in the High Court Registry. On that occasion the judge said that although he had every sympathy for my predicament the essential thrust of my appeal hinges on the contention that the original 2001 protection orders were invalidly made. He directed me back to the Family Court. I did that, and after a hearing it was determined that the six named people remain court protected. Even though I have full time day to day care of one the children , the court in its dysfunctional wisdom will not admit the protection orders were obtained through lies and deception . Why can't judges concede that they're human and capable of making mistakes ? Child counsel lawyers and court psychologists are cruel and vicious liars , meanwhile police enjoy backing the wrong horse? Cops the callous cowards just love a distraught father fighting for his dignity ,because his spirit becomes a challenge for the over zealous unsavoury characters to destroy !

I cannot move forward with my life, as I feel constantly ill because my life has been unjustifiably invaded by unwarranted circumstances.

I request your assistance in helping me obtain a fair hearing, so I can address a major miscarriage of justice, which was fatal recently for my heartbroken mother.

I am the heartbroken father to four New Zealand born children, two boys, and two alienated young girls.

I am on the WINZ invalids benefit with heart and depression problems and I appeal for the Court to show me mercy.

Yours faithfully

Peter Joseph Burns
27 Elizabeth Street


Anonymous said...

Hey D4J

Did you know that Craig Ranapia has outed "TomS" on Kiwiblog as "Tom Semmens"? I reckon he should be Tom Semen in recognition of his ejaculation stains on Kiwiblog.

"Tom Semmens
From: Auckland
Since: Nov 2006
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Posted at 10:22AM on 13 Nov 07. Permalink.

I guess I've managed to get under your skin at some stage Mr. Ranapia. Oh well, if it makes you feel better...

Generally speaking I tailor my response to the quality of my audience. Kiwiblog is run by a fundamentally dishonest man who likes to pass himself off as an independent commentator and its comments section is inhabited largely by idiots. I derive much recreational merriment from by annoying them.

I regard PA as an altogether more grown up place."

Shit - this really is the same loony.

Anonymous said...

"which was fatal recently for my heartbroken mother" I say bullshit but RIP Mum

Anonymous said...

Peter Burns , been busy scrubbing Hagley Park toilets???

dad4justice said...

You annoymous cowards attack me constantly but whatever turns you on .

For the comment about my mum who will have been rested two years this month I say this ;

I asked Judge John Strettell in 2005 at the Ch Ch Family Court not to involve mum in anymore proceedings which had dragged on for five years as mum's health was suffering from injustice . Despite the assurance from the judge that she would be left out of proceedings a Family Court psychologist contacted her ? The actions of John Watson are in my mind criminal !! She was so upset collapsed and died four days later of heart failure . Fact !!

Justice is coming mum . Fact .

Mother4Responsibility said...

How is justice coming if this is a LAST DITCH EFFORT to CLEAR YOUR NAME? No you can't clear your name PETER BURNS. You need to FACE UP TO YOUR PAST. The six named people remain court protected for a reason. Did you threaten to beat them up like you did to James Sleep? YOU FORGOT TO MENTION THIS IN YOUR LETTER.

Anonymous said...

What will you do when you've cleared your name? Write a book about the toilet adventures of Peter Burns in Hagley Park?

Appalled Blogger said...

FFS, you anon idiots need to get a life, leave D4J to run his blog.