Friday, July 11, 2008

Associate Minister of Justice has her priorities wrong

I find it appalling that a Minister of the Crown goes to Scotland where the great Robbie Burns aspired from to look at the societal destruction that is caused by alcohol. The Minister concerned Ms Dalzeel's own electorate is debased in a deluge of alcohol and violence. Problematic and dysfunctional families are responsible for widespread lawlessness in Christchurch, where youth are running rampant and crime statistics are disgraceful. Everybody knows Christchurch City is the most violent in New Zealand. Meanwhile in the Northern Hemisphere the Associate Justice Minister sips a few socialist champagnes and possibly whiskey's if the well known sauce head - Ruth Dyson accompanied her? Her sister Kathryn is a City Crown law prosecutor and surely addressing the coal face triggers of criminality would be far better for the hacked -off constituents of Canterbury ? It would be far better for the public and welfare of citizens that we try and work towards harmonious communities.Surely you power tripper feminazi's agree with me? These Labour Party women,who are in power for the lifestyle, couldn't give a hoot about an ever increasing dangerous Christchurch .They radiate their arrogance and stupidity as the police sirens go, go, go. The Labour government is a cul-de-sac down which good ideas and common sense are lured, then quietly strangled by the radical feminist bitches!!

A good quote on the topic , Ruth Dyson will like this one. Norman Brenner correctly said;

"The intermediate stage between socialism and capitalism is alcoholism"

Anyway I spotted a story that Sir David Farrar posted on kiwiblog and I posted a comment regarding Dalzeel's latest wee junket trip aboard . Go girls go !!
(:-) 1000 Demerits)

Surely it must be obvious to the Associate Minister of
Justice that alcohol causes the dramatic rise in kiwi
fatherlessness, family breakdown, infanticide and child
Did Ruth Dyson go with her on the pointless trip?

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