Thursday, July 10, 2008

Overwhelmed Grand Mother gives up fight

This lovely lady contacted me after reading my comments on the Panic Website( assists people who have difficulties with the dysfunctional CYFS) and I have been helping her since 2004. Sadly CYFS and the corrupt Family Court have produced another potential time bomb who has been shipped off to Auckland after behavioural problems escalated to the point where police took DNA from a 11 year old. Well done Ruth Dyson, you are evil and a drunkard.

Notice of Discontinuance of Proceedings.
Affidavit July 2008.

Christchurch Family Court

TAKE NOTICE that I, C, of Christchurch, grandmother, hereby discontinue my application in these proceedings, all dated 15 April 2005, as follows-

Application for leave to apply for various orders.
Application for variation /discharge of existing orders.
Application for custody orders.
Application for my appointment as additional guardian.

I am discontinuing my applications for the following reasons –

1. My grandson, J, has been so seriously influenced against, and alienated from, me and other members of my (his paternal) family that I do not consider that it is fair to J to subject him to the proceedings relevant to my application presently before the Court.

2. I am so frustrated and appalled by the manner in which the Ministry of Social Development has managed its role as the legal custodian and an additional guardian of J since 2000,and by the consequences of what I consider to be the gross mismanagement of that Ministry( and its relevant social workers),that I do not have the emotional strength to continue my proceedings to determination.My family and close friends have expressed their serious concerns at the impact these proceedings generally have had, and will continue to have, on my health generally.

3. I m unable to tolerate any further or longer the humiliation and character assassination to which I, my son and other members of my family have been subjected over the last eight years, nor the deceit and manipulation of/by social workers assigned to manage the care of J for the Chief Executive of the Ministry of Development, caregivers assigned by those social workers to provide for J’s care, other professionals and K G (J’s mother).

4. I have reached the point where I am unable to put J or myself through the further stress and distress these proceedings inevitably will continue for us.

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LK said...

That's really sad. Typically in these cases, the grandparents have done nothing wrong, but because they don't buy into everything that the worker says or wants they're in denial. Sooner or later we all reach our breaking point and decide it would be best to get on with our lives. What's left of them anyway.