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Just Say No To Idiots

Just Say No To Idiots
(A view from the streets)
By George Rolph

3rd July 2008

Don't hate the feminists, pity them. They are locked into an ideological nightmare that even they cannot understand. It is a form of lunacy. Understand that they need treatment to help them recover. Just don't make the mistake of taking them seriously and swallowing their lies.

There are people in society that no one should take seriously, such as, Nazi's, Kelvin Mackenzie, the BNP, Cherie Blair, Amy Winehouse, Vanessa Phelps and most of the domestic media. These and many others, live in a cocoon of self imposed illusion. In their world, they are important kings and queens. In our world, they are mostly mental. In their world, what they say is vitally important, in our world, what they say is often so far from the truth it may as well be the devil speaking. (Come to think of it, it probably is!)

Feminists inhabit a different world in which all men are out to get them and to prove it, they go on, and on, and on, and on, about the bad things SOME men do. They are like paranoid Bee keepers who think that all the Bees want to hurt them for personal reasons. They get stung once and assume the whole hive is after them. To them, all Bees are evil. They cannot see the Bees that make the honey. Only the Bees that sting the Bee keepers.

While, at the same time as bleating that they want absolute equality with men, they get suddenly coy when asked to take the same degree of responsibility men take. Thus, they will talk about male violence and crime until our brains turn to jelly under the onslaught, but refuse to discuss female violence and crime because that means facing the reality that it is not just the patriarchy that is naughty, but the matriarchy has a dubious record also. Child killing is a subject that feminists avoid like the Black Death, for example. Unless it is to invent excuses for it. This is why the BBC will talk about child killers of a female kind, ONLY in terms of miscarriages of justice. Facing the truth is too hard for the average BBC fem.'

The politician hates the idea of facing up to female violence, it seems, because of the economic consequences of having to deal with female criminals. Better to ignore it, make other excuses for it and hope it goes away!

Another thing to avoid is being sucked into the shame game that they play. I am not ashamed to be a man because some men are evil. I refuse to allow myself to be beaten up mentally and emotionally because some sick man went on a rape rampage or beat his wife. I know that the men who do this need help. There is something not vibrating in tune in their minds. It may well be that the trigger for their actions was some misdeed done to them by a woman when they were children. To find out, I have to ask them and then try and help them through it. The Jeremy Kyle/Feminist approach is to just condemn them, beat then up and then ask them. I want to help them, not hate all men because of them.

No! I am proud to be a man and that drives the fem's nuts. They want me to hate myself. I refuse.

Another illusion is to think that because a female is loud mouthed, aggressive and talks fast, that she knows what she is talking about. She thinks she is being, "assertive." In reality, she is just another bitch. Ignore those who are like that. Laugh at them but do not take them seriously.

Respect has to be a two way street. If they show you no respect, show them the same contempt. There are many smart women who are not feminists, not bitches and who *do *know the truth about their own gender. These are the women who are worth talking too and worthy of showing respect.

In a similar way, let's contrast two different gay men.

That cretin that spat in the man's face in the Big Brother house needs a spell in jail or hospital. He is a nutter. Of course, every politically correct idiot in the nation will tell us that we HAVE to respect him because he is gay. NO WE DON'T! It makes no difference if he is gay or straight. ANY idiot that spits in another mans face deserves no respect at all. The fact that this idiot did it while screaming that his victim was "homophobic" speaks volumes in itself. To him, the word 'homophobic' is a weapon to beat straight men with. He is stuck in perpetual victim mode. (A lot like feminists). I refuse to let fools like him beat me with anything! You shouldn't either.

Now, by contrast, consider Peter Tatchell. When he first came to public prominence it was chiefly as a gay man outing other gays. I loathed what he was doing. He was acting like a bully for his own ends and was creating misery and fear in others in order to make his dubious political points. (A lot like feminists really). Then he stopped doing that and became a man of great courage and principle. His rating, with me personally, went through the roof. I began to admire him.

Two different gay men a million miles apart. One deserving of nothing but contempt, the other deserving of respect. The politically correct say, we must respect them both. I say, you are talking from the wrong orifice and nothing you can say will force me to respect that idiot from the Big Brother house and he can call me 'homophobic' until the pink cows come home. It will still not be true.

The point is, that if black people, brown people, white people, women, young or old, other men, gays, the media, lesbians or feminists want our respect as a people, let them earn it. Laws /ordering/ us to respect them are not going to work. Some we CAN respect. Others we cannot. That is reality.

Hey Labour! You remember reality don't you? It's what you had BEFORE you started listening to the feminists and began disrespecting everyone who is not a bra burning, men hating weirdo!

Do we have to respect someone before we will help them? Hell no! If we see someone in trouble (even a feminist) and it is possible to help them, we should. That is what makes us decent people. That is why I still bother to talk to feminists. I have hope that I can deprogram them.

If decent people see a burglar fall from an upstairs window and land on his or her back on the concrete, they should always put aside their feelings about the rights and wrongs of his or her ("his or her" because crime is an equal opportunities employer) actions and offer help until the ambulance comes. The moronic Sun 'Newspaper' approach might be that we should call all our mates and jump up and down on the unfortunate until we are /certain/ he or she is crippled and THEN call an ambulance, but that is the council of fools. Decent people do decent things. Idiots scream, make a fuss, claim their "rights" while abusing the rights of others and try to bully us all into becoming as sick as they are. Just listen to the 'we hate religion' brigade!

How then would I sum up this rant? Well, it's simple really.

Just say no to idiots. And that includes feminists. You listened to that lot and it has led to streets full of dead children with knives sticking out of them and family meltdown. Don't hate them. Just don't respect or listen to them either.

They don't deserve our respect and their lies hurt our ears and our children.

George Rolph. (UK)
July 3rd 2008.

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