Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Help Susan and Dene

At Church on Sunday I heard two breast cancer patients' share a story that touched my heart.
These ladies were inspirational considering their sad predicaments.One lady Susan and her story can be accessed at http://www.helpsusan.co.nz/

As a fund-raiser, I decided to join 17 others including women and shared in the delights of a head shave as a show of solidarity for Susan. I brought a black Deneie, as Dene is yet another breast cancer victim in our Church. The Deneie helps to keep my crome dome head warm in the good ol’ Cantab winter southerly. My teenage daughter's think I have ears that could be used by intelligence services as portable radars. This has made me think about purchasing a Batman mask for all occasions. Judge Joker will be delighted at my next appearance at the big house, while penguin man pisses himself on the banks of the Avon.Who has the last laugh?

Oh well, cancer sucks and the government doesn’t pay for enough treatment. Skilled radiologists are paid peanuts, because pointless managers suck up all the money in the bureaucratic inertia foolishly named as the health system.

All in the good cause, pity the government couldn’t produce a more compassionate stance and I wish Susan and Dene speedy recoveries.

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