Monday, July 7, 2008

Seven years suffering under invalid protection orders

Today I filed another application for Discharge of Protection Order and yet another affidavit in the Christchurch Family Court.

This month July, seven years ago my nightmare started. I was forced into a strange world as a respondent client of the Kangaroo Court system. Sadly it was the last time that I enjoyed the fatherly role in a stable family unit with my two daughters.

So much unnecessary litigation, however the gravy train is well pleased with the false allegations.This has been a lucrative file number for the unscrupulous Family Court leeches.

Lawyers, lies , psychologists, lies,judges, lies, cops, lies, maternal family, lies, victim support workers, lies, Prime Ministers, lies, Attorney and Governor Generals,lies, Ministers and Commissioners, lies, CYFS social workers, lies and more bloody lies.

Who said the truth always comes out?
Yeah right!

This lie has been running solidly for seven years.

Well done Family Court and overzealous police!

It is most upsetting that I cannot move forward in my life with the burden of injustice constantly placing restrictions and obstacles in my way.

Sadly seven years enduring invalid protection orders does bring about depression and a invalids benefit from the nanny state.

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