Saturday, July 5, 2008

Paternal Grand Mothers fight for her Gran Son -Part 1

Christchurch Family Court
File Number - ......
Affidavit filed - 15 April 2008.

To the Honourable judge John Strettell.

I am writing this support letter highlighting the tremendous effort that C has put into trying to re-establish the bonds of love that she once enjoyed with her grand son J. I am appalled at her treatment by a callous government department called CYFS and I appeal to the mercy of the Family Court to grant an emergency hearing, so substantial issues and genuine concerns that C have can be addressed immediately by the Court.

I am disappointed that the shameful tactics of CYFS fly in the face of what a compassionate judge Somerville clearly directed at a family group meditation conference in December 2006. The judge clearly tried to address the issues of alienation and hurt experienced by both C and J. He assured CYFS that they understood that regular phone contact between C and her grand son J was to precede future access visits for her and J. CYFS agreed to act in good faith with all parties involved including myself.

Unfortunately C received one phone call from J in the 2007 year! Despicably, J was returned back to the totally inappropriate caregivers even though the judge had stated that it was not in J best interests to be placed back with these caregivers. CYFS disregarded both directives made by the judge and are responsible for the creation of a walking time bomb, which sadly is called J.

In 2008 Carol and I have attended various meetings where we have had heard all about J problems from two different school principals, police, CYFS caregivers, Minister of CYFS Ruth Dyson and other social workers.

Today C is at a loss overwhelmed by feelings of hopelessness, bitterness, sad frustrations and anxiety. It is not acceptable that CYFS have not keep their word again after a recent Family Conference, where they said that they would send on letters and presents from both J father X and his paternal grand mother C. C is upset the packages are still gathering dust in a CYFS office!

I expect the Court should prioritise this, as young J is a troubled young lad who is struggling in a world where he is not feeling loved. It is so sad that he doesn’t know how much his paternal grand mother C has fought to try and bring some much needed sanity in what has become a tragedy in the waiting.

I urge the Court to consider C's application for full custody of J so she can make a start on the deliberate damage inflicted by a dysfunctional CYFS.

Yours truly,

Children Need Parents Trust
Peter Burns


Unknown said...

Glad to see you still helping those needing the FC - Onward - Jim

dad4justice said...

Hi Jim ,
Great to see you back on blogosphere and I hope your lad is well.

I am helping several people of both genders in the Family Court and Criminal Jurisdiction.

It is so hard as the Court will never admit it can get things terribly wrong.

Kind regards

Unknown said...

Javan is doing well at school - Playing great Soccer but 12 going on 17 - I am very proud of him 98% of the time - Onward - Jim