Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fathers rights USA

Dear Peter,

Last night this story aired on ABC news in Chicago. It's directly related to our issues and speaks to the great need for family law reform. Custody, Child Support, Domestic Violence, Moveaways....every aspect of the present system needs scrutiny and overhaul.

Below is Sergeant Joshua Hinkle's communication to ACFC today and our response. Before reading further please view the story at this link.

I received word of another father suicide today. A man heartbroken after once again travelling hundreds of miles to visit his children only to find they were not there.

Soon we will also be asking you to volunteer and become actively engaged.

Over 6,000 people have now signed the Shared Parenting petition.

63% of those who responded to the recent Parade Magazine poll voted yes to the question: "Should divorced Dads have equal time with their kids?" Public opinion is with us.

Family Law Review Commissions have recently formed in Alabama and Illinois.

The latest Liberator paper is at the printer and will be arriving in your and your legislators mailbox shortly.

Momentum is moving in our direction, please help.

If you are near Washington, DC August 14 - 16, attend the DC Festival. For more info visit

A handful of individuals support the work of this organization with an ongoing monthly contribution. We are indebted to them. There should be thousands. Will you support the effort? I know many people who read this email have lost everything to the courts. I also know many people could afford $5 or $10 a month. We literally deal with life and death issues.

Will you please become a sustaining contributor? Click here to donate.

For those who are actively engaged in reform efforts, THANK YOU.


Mike McCormick, Exec. Dir.

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