Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fugley threatens to rape my daughter !!!!

Unfortunately my recent banning by David Farrar at Kiwiblog and sadly Ian Wishart giving me a telling off at the tbr blog leaves me feeling frustrated and I am considering giving up blogging forever. There is always two sides to the story and when dealing with such a slimy individual such as fugley it becomes impossible to expose his satanic venom.Everyday for the last year he has filled my gmail account with malicious emails.

My last comment on kiwiblog;

"Good bye and why does Alex Burns post under my daughters name ?"

At least six people have righteous souls in New Zealand, they gave the comment a good karma thumbs up.Any genuine parent would react the way I am . What a perverted animal this fugley is!!!!!

I could never torment a man's child no matter what the circustances. I am ashamed such people live in New Zealand.A real coward shines on the internet. They say sticks and stones break bones but threatening children is sickening fugley.

As a concerned parent I can assure you fugley is going have to pay BIGTIME for his vicious child abuse.What about respect, integrity and values? This is NOT fair. Attack me fugley NOT my daughter !!! My daughter is paranoid, tense and stressed. I am getting used to it. They have poisoned my dog, and I have more phone numbers and experienced more bloody shifts than I care to imagine.

I had to withdraw my name as a Republican candidate in the coming election, because I fear for my families safety.

Last weekend I received death threats from fugley.I want people to know exactly what a mongrel he is. He uses the email address's - alex burns@atheist.com and dad4justice@muslim.com This cowardly creep has also threatened to rape my young daughter.How he got the name of my child is EXTREMELY worrying. IS SHE SAFE FROM THIS ANIMAL? He rings at all hours and I am at a loss to how they got my phone number?Obviously has connections with the corrupt Clark bitch. I have complained to police but they fobbed me off.He rings claiming to be a police officer ( Constable Darren from Papanui Police). When presented with evidence ( emails and phone calls on a CD) the keystone cops just laugh in my face, so I have decided I will stop fugley myself.

I am angry and my daughter is traumatized.How bad can it get when demented scum like fugley can cause so much anxiety for a young teenager without expecting any consequences. If you have a moral conscience and you know fugley please give me his name. He sounds rather old and odd on the phone and somebody must know him. I appeal to your decency, so I can exact natural justice on this piece of dog turd.

If anybody knows who fugley is please email me . Everyone on the internet has a moral obligation to stop children being used as weapons of war.Fugley only knows how to fight dirty.

These insipid Helen Clark supporters are vile filth and I want to hurt them as much as they have frightened my teenage daughter.

The internet is a place where cowards excel and I have hundreds of emails from the twisted scum that prove these sinister queers have no place in our society.

If anybody knows who fugley is and sits on the information , just think of my daughter who is scared shitless and frightened.Think about her feelings.

Her friends and teachers from school cannot understand such perverted animals.

I will get you fugley - just ask police !!

Proud to be a New Zealander - yeah right!

Are there ANY HONOURABLE PEOPLE LEFT IN NEW ZEALAND ? I doubt it, but we will see.


Dinga said...

I have all the particulars about fugley who is bad mouthing you over at Smile City.

He is a real nasty creep that needs a good lesson.

I have emailed you about this horrible freak.

You were so right calling him a "scumbag troll" on kiwiblog because this weirdo has no right to intimidate children .

He is your typical Labour supporter.

Unknown said...

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