Saturday, July 26, 2008

'Happy Parents Day'

Dear friends,
As I understand it tomorrow will be 'Parents Day'
I would like to wish each and every Parent 'Happy Parents Day'
In as much as I would like to write something wonderful.
Today, I don’t believe I have it in me to write anything I would even consider positive.
It’s been 9 long years next month since I’ve seen my Daughter.
So, if nothing else I’d like to encourage those of us who have not seen our children to keep the faith! And never give up the fight for good!!
Put a Smile on and kick some ass!
Happy Parent’s Day to you all!

Don Hutter jR. ~ 970.625.5469 - anytime!
Fathers-4-Justice CO.US
Special Advisor to Dr. Klein for U.S. President '2008'
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