Monday, September 10, 2007

D4J Para Legal Services


Friendly advice for couples considering Separation or Divorce


Providing practical solutions to avoid conflict at the onset by either party

*To avoid issues and difficulties caused by parental alienation syndrome.

*To avoid most conflicts that might seriously impact on any/ the Children

*To arrange by mutual agreement a ‘Memorandum of Consent’ of Orders

*To provide equitable ‘Parent Plan Templates’ towards a swift resolution

*To strenuously avoid any false allegations or adversarial tactics for effect

*To present a mutually agreeable solution to reduce stress to the Children

*To complete a mutually agreeable solution within 2-3 weeks or sooner

*To avoid the use of Solicitors/Barristers costing both parties substantially

*To avoid lengthy ‘Family Court Proceedings’ which may create adversity

*To provide a ‘practical’ counseling service by Experienced Divorcees

*To settle differences immediately even when Conflict is Heated or High

*To enable any Children to continue a settled routine despite any conflicts

In all events to insure that any Children as innocent parties remain stable.

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