Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Families Commission Poll - kiwi dads .

Your answers to poll number 13
Poll for fathers

As the 2nd of September celebrated Father’s Day, we thought it was timely to have a poll on The Couch to find out more about fathers and fathering in New Zealand.

There is a lot known about parenting and where people get information and support with their parenting, but there is very little information available specifically about fathering. This poll asks fathers and male caregivers about their experiences as a dad.

The results of this poll will feed into the Families Commission’s parenting project and also shared with other agencies and organisations with an interest in parenting.
We’d like to hear from as many dads as possible so pass this on to a dad you know and encourage them to sign up to the Couch to have their say.

This poll is especially for fathers and male caregivers.

1 - How did you and your family celebrate Father’s Day?

We had a family meal together

2 - In your role as a father, who has had the biggest influence on you (ie, who is your role model)?

My father

3 - When you first became a father, how much did you know about parenting?

A lot

4 - Do you have access to enough information and support to be the best father you can be?


5 - What is the most important aspect of your role as a father at the moment?

Carer, nurturer

6 - I consider the amount of time I spend with my children to be…


7 - What’s the hardest thing about being a father?

Trying to convince the judicial system that I am a loving father of credibility.

8 - What’s the best thing about being a father? Please tell us here…

Being thanked and hugged by one of my four children for being a kind and considerate dad .

9 - How old are your children? Please tell us here

11 - 15 years - two girls
Older than 21 years - twin boys .

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