Friday, September 7, 2007

Ralph Williams another decent Father persecuted by cops

Sadly once again, I must write and inform that this unsavoury matter initiated with a vindictive and vengeful woman who conned the judiciary into obtaining a de -family court protection order, so she could make Ralph’s life hell. Why not, as it is the new age trend for pissed off women, because they can just pick up the phone and speed dial 111 to the army of feminist/politicized police, who will offer you all you need to jump into bed with a new boyfriend . Just cry on the phone and the SWOT team will be actioned immediately . It can be all bullshit the authorities don't care .

I have been assisting Ralph try and connect with his two sad alienated young sons, who are both most distraught. It wouldn't have helped them having to watch dad on the TV News last night . His children struggle to understand why the de family court, police and mum are giving their dad so much heartbreak and trauma. Ralph is a kind and loving dad to both his sons - whom idolized him. It is NOT in the childrens best interests for police to try and kill dad ! The unlawful gender discrimination is beyond belief, as are the septic levels of depravity shown by New Zealand police. Integrity - yeah right ! Children don’t understand the sewer tactics of the moronic police and a filthy feminazi influenced de family Court. The similarities between his case and my miscarriage of justice do make me wonder whether the word coincidence is a mere illusion .

Ralph is a personal friend and it is both alarming and extremely worrying that police with so much time on their hands would go out of their way to persecute another loving father. Many fathers in his situation simply suicide because it eases the pain of the hurtful circumstances .RIP Men . Ralph has joined the NZ bent police stitch up and shafted up the date club( I am the president as I have had the most police bashings ). It is exclusive to unfortunate members that have fallen victim to police thuggery !! When wayward cops get a bee in their bonnet about somebody, they act on tunnel vision big brother mentality. He must be guilty scenario and they never look outside the tunnel . The corrupt and callous authorities remanded Ralph back in custody. He has already had to do six months on charges that were later withdrawn by a sinister thin blue line. Hows that compensation going for Rex Haig and Peter Ellis ? Yeah right ! Ralph is back in jail after only just being released ?? This is a de -family court matter that has got completely out of hand . No wonder everybody hates the cops as they're just typical nasty gender dumb arse & thick o destructive animals.

I will be contacting Ralph this week, offering my assistance in the form of an affidavit clearly showing the over zealous nature of bored police in a sad situation that was created by false allegations in the putrid family court . It makes a mockery of the statement from the slippery Principal Family Court Judge Peter Boshier when he called it a "caring and civil court" . The truth is , its a cess- pit where unscrupulous lawyers and psychologists bludge a parasitic blood money career . How appropriate and timely , the deluded Boshier wants the Kangaroo Court judges to wear judge dread archaic wig and black cloak .Talk about dressing up the big bad wolf and the devouring of the hand cuffed lamb . May I suggest, that the busy gay and utopian lifestyle world that Boshier moves in has eaten into his foolish brain . I think he should limit his daily uptake of his unholy alliance with the devil ( stop listening to Kay Goodger and Queen Hellgrad ) .

Wake up New Zealand before the feminist shrill puppet nazi’s blue gun thugs come knocking at your door. Be afraid, be very afraid, as they can do what they like as they’re not accountable to anybody!

Man finds police tracking devices in cars
The Dominion Post | Friday, 7 September 2007

A police operation to covertly follow a man came to an abrupt halt when the man found tracking devices planted in his car, ripped them out, and listed them for sale on Trade Me.

Ralph Williams, of Cromwell, said he found the devices last week in his daughter's car, which he uses, and in his flatmate's car, when the cars were returned by police after being seized and searched.

Police have neither confirmed nor denied they placed the devices. But Mr Williams said a mobile phone Sim card in one of the devices appeared to transmit messages to the mobile phone of Detective Sergeant Derek Shaw, of Central Otago CIB.

Mr Williams also claimed he had e-mails from Mr Shaw saying: "If you have got something of ours it would be good to get it back. You can call me and I can come meet you."

Mr Williams placed one of the devices on Trade Me with a price of $250. The ad read: "Used government covert surveillance tracking. No police to bid on this ..."

A Trade Me spokesman said the listing was removed yesterday "at the request of the New Zealand Police".

Mr Williams said the cars were seized after an unmarked police car was torched in Alexandra in July. An investigation found nothing on him.

Mr Shaw would only say yesterday: "Police use a variety of legitimate investigation techniques. However, it is not the policy of the police to comment on those techniques or other operational matters."

The Summary Proceedings Act says a warrant should be obtained for a tracking device but one can be installed without a warrant if there is not time and an officer believes a judge would issue one if time permitted. The Press.

The Christcurch Press, 8 September 2007

The Central Otago man who tried to sell police tracking devices on Trade Me has been charged . The charges against Ralph Williams when he appeared in the Dunedin District Court yesterday were the subject of suppression orders. Williams was remanded in custody until September 11 to reappear in the Dunedin District Court .

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Anonymous said...

I just found your blog while surfing after posting a N.Z. police item on my own (Canadian) blog. It's not often I have an opportunity to post an item such as this, but I found it so unusual a story. (Incidentally, I have traveled to New Zealand 3 different times over a 20 yr. span)

Police on this side of the Pacific Ocean are often out-of-favour with the public as well and so I have "Police" in the category section. A good article by a former American cop talking about the militarization of police might be of interest.